How to Ensure Quality Products Before Shipment to the end Customer

Quality control is indubitably one of the most crucial steps of logistics management.

An overlooked quality check many times results in damaged products, and thus, customer dissatisfaction.

A firm ought to thoroughly check the quality of its products and reject, rework, or handle accordingly those that do not meet the minimum standards set by the company itself.

The multi-step quality check

Quality control is inspected at various stages of production. First of all, raw materials are examined for their quality and ensured that the source is reliable. Quality checks are also performed prior to and during the production to check if everything is going right.

At the end of the production, a sample or the whole lot is checked for quality and performance. And the final check is performed just before the product is shipped to ensure that no shipping errors are made on the part of the firm.

Quality check inside the factory

The quality control agency picks out random products inside the factory at various stages of the production and checks them for any defect. This method of randomly inspecting products is extremely effective and increases the chances of identifying any issues in the production process.

A quality check inside the factory also helps to identify issues within their production system and machinery. By repairing these malfunctioning parts of the machinery, the firm ensures the absence of such defects in further production projects.

Checking against the rules and regulations

You can leverage the service offered by various online quality management systems like QualityOne QMS to ensure that they are good enough to be shipped. It is crucial for your products to comply with the following standards:

  • First of all, ensure that your products look and function accurately as they should be functioning. Before anything else, they should meet their own standards.
  • Next, check that the production follows all the regulations mentioned by the company itself. The rules must be set, considering all the checkpoints that the products will have to pass before they reach the customers.
  • You also need to check if they follow the relevant health regulations. They should comply with the rules set by health and safety inspectors and should not pose any threat to the safety of the consumer.
  • Last but not least, all your products need to comply with the environmental and other regulations set by local, state, and national legislative bodies.

Checking the packaging

A product must be packed in packaging made of suitable materials according to the vulnerability and delicacy of the product. An appropriate packaging prior to the shipment reduces the risk of the product getting damaged during careless handling.

You can use different materials like bubble wrap, foam packaging, or airbag inflation system before fitting the products into the right size boxes. Also, ensure that the box is sealed with strong packaging tape or adhesive. Most importantly, check for appropriate labels indicating the contents of the box and the type of care that they demand.