5 Plumbing Emergencies You Shouldn’t Fix Yourself

Oftentimes, masculine norms dictate that men take matters into their own hands.

They, for instance, will refrain from calling over a handyman, seeing as how they are macho. Even with things that are as delicate as a plumbing system, some men will stand adamantly against anyone that may implore them to hire a professional plumber.

However, every now and then, putting a man’s macho-ness second to his reason will act kindly toward his wallet. For this reason, it is better to entrust some plumbing system problems into the hands of a professional.

Plumbing emergencies

If it is for the reason of skipping out on paying bills, or because you are too stubborn that you will not allow yourself to admit defeat in the face of a plumbing emergency, attempting to DIY a plumbing emergency is usually not the best route you may take.

This will usually fall to the one deciding factor, being that you are equipped with neither the correct tools nor the appropriate knowledge.

You may not know the extent of the damage that has occurred and end up worsening it. You may understand the damage, but lack the knowledge or expertise to remedy the wound. Whichever it may be, sometimes letting go of your fragile pride and, instead, having it replaced with a phone call to your local plumber may end up being the best thing for you.

However, you must look for one who is well trained and certified. The experts at My Trusted Contractor explain the importance of dealing with plumbing emergencies carefully and with the due sensitivity, as they could lead to more devastating outcomes should you tamper with them.

With their fully trained and licensed contractors, who have been pre-screened, you can rest assured knowing that your house is being taken care of by a professional.

Do not attempt to fix a clogged sewer by DIY

First things first, do not fall on the mistake of thinking that you have ‘got it.’ A clogged sewer may seem easy to unclog but, make no mistake, it is a professional job indeed. This is mainly because the sewers are usually inaccessible and require the tools only a professional will have.
Seeing as how you will probably not have that sort of equipment and may as well find it hard to use had you possessed these tools, you will naturally feel inclined to divert away from taking this task upon yourself and, instead, lay it in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing.

Do not replace your pipes

These may sound as easy as pie, but they are not. When you find yourself in need of a pipe replacement, it is usually best to hire a professional. Generally, those who wish to do it themselves end up patching a leak, which is only temporary and will not hold for long.


Professionals are able to avert the issue from prolonging and will not make the mistake of having the issue decline into a further state of complication. They will not mismatch pipes and will guarantee that your problem is met with an appropriate and swift solution.

Steer clear from underground repair jobs

It is from the nature of this type of repair job that you may have been able to tell of its need of a professional. Despite them being dangerous, and in need of special plumbing tools, some areas require that you, by law, contact your local authorities before digging, since you can damage some of the infrastructure placed underground. It will also be very difficult to do yourself.

Stay away from new water heater installations

You may think that you have the capacity of brains and brawn to install water heaters. However, seeing as how you will simultaneously be dealing with electricity as well, hiring a professional may be the wiser thing to do. A failure to do so may lead to drastic injuries, and sometimes the outcome may become much more devastating, leading to a premature fatality.

Gas line repairs are dangerous

To uneducatedly lead yourself into this absurdly dangerous task is not something you will ever want to do. With that said, if you ever suspect a gas leak, the best thing you can do is evacuate the premises and summon a professional to fix the problem.

Despite the fact that some minor plumbing emergencies could be embraced by anyone without causing any harm, this is not the case with much more serious ones that you are trained to neither face nor fix. Accordingly, should you face any of these emergencies, you must call upon the esteemed services of a professional plumber.