5 Best Amazon Seller Software Tools for Competitive Advantage

Building an Amazon business is a reliable way of creating income and wealth, but it’s not a simple process.

Because there is heavy competition on the site, to do well, you need as much information and data as you can get.

You could invest every waking minute in pulling that data yourself, analyzing it, and then making educated guesses about how to use it.

Or, you could do what most of the best Amazon sellers are doing and that’s to use software to give them a competitive edge.

Before you can do that, though, you need to navigate the numerous product options out there. There are dozens of software companies hoping to get your attention.

The question is, then, what do you really need to stand out and to ensure your listings are competitive, accessible, and on point?

Take a look at these tools.

They give you a competitive advantage by providing you with more insight and information.

At the same time, they automate many of the mundane tasks that, if your Amazon seller business does well, you just don’t have time to do on your own.

#1: An Authentic, Accurate Keyword Tool

In order to rank well on Amazon, your product listings need to include Amazon-focused keywords. This is not the same as Google ranking.

As a result, most Amazon sellers benefit from keyword tools designed specifically for the e-commerce website.

Creating keywords for your products can be a complex process if you don’t know what to look for or plan with, but some of the best are rather easy to use and very reliable.

When you use an accurate keyword tool, you are going to see better search engine results.

That means more people – who actually want or need the product you are offering – will land at your website. Also, when choosing a keyword tool, look for one that can help differentiate between various countries.

Because Amazon is an international company, you need to consider a much larger market than what you may have thought otherwise.

Look for a keyword tool that:

  • Helps you with global ranking
  • Automates as much of the process as possible
  • Creates a simple tool to use (you don’t want to waste time on a complex method)
  • Is updated on a routine basis

#2: Trend Detector

One of the things you’ll notice about product listings on Amazon is that they can be rather trendy.

The good news is that keywords can give you some historical trend data, allowing you to pick out patterns related to the changes in consumer trends.

A trend detector can help you determine where these trends are, allowing you to update your product listings to match them based on demographic data, the time of the year, and other factors.

A trend detector should allow you to compare various keywords among specific demographics.
Demographic search tendencies can be hard to spot without this. With a trend detector, you can use the data more effectively to reach your target customer more effectively.

Doing this better than the competition is going to give you that competitive advantage you’re looking for with your listing.

Look for a trend detector that:

  • Analyze the keyword history and usage
  • Offers demographic details and tendencies
  • Multiple keyword comparison features
  • Easy to use.

#3: FBA Margin Calculator

Here’s something many Amazon sellers need to use to improve their profit margins.

An FBA margin calculator works very effectively to tell you just how much of a profit you’re making based on the fees you’ll pay.

If you are using Fulfillment by Amazon or fulfillment by manufacturer, this tool is very handy.

After all, who doesn’t want to save a bit of money without limiting any success of your listing or customer service?

An FBA calculator will provide a breakdown of the profit you get. Most of the best versions will do a breakdown through both models – FBA, and fulfillment by manufacturer.

That side-by-side comparison is quite important. Accurate, updated tools are important – you need to know actual information here.

When you are able to see this data, you can then make decisions about what’s best for your order fulfillment.

It’s worth using an FBA margin calculator for most types of products.

Look for an FBA margin calculator that:

  • Offers side-by-side data for comparison
  • Incorporates all fees you could pay
  • Shows actual profit margins for easy comparison
  • Is up to date

#4: Emailing Automation Tools

Once you start seeing orders come in, keeping in contact with your buyers is quite important for repeat sales and for reviews.

It is a tedious process, though.

With automated emailing tools, a lot of the hard work is done for you.

These tools simply ensure that you can quickly send off a meaningful, well-written email to your buyer.

When choosing email tools, be sure to look for those that offer a range of templates. The more variety available the better.

It’s easy to fall into the process of sending a standard email that doesn’t get the buyer’s real attention.
However, if you have enough options and you use them well, this is a good way to build customer loyalty.

When choosing email automation tools, look for those that:

  • Offer numerous templates including product feedback, thank you notes, and sales receipts
  • Automated – it needs to happen for you
  • Tested templates that work
  • Easy setup and management

#5: Amazon Rank Tracking Tools

Just how well do you rank on the site?

Your product listing’s position is critical to understand so you can work to tweak what you are doing to improve.

With a rank tracking tool, you gain more insight into where you are compared to competitors.

It should give you insight into where you rank compared to competitors for the keywords you are using.

With a rank tracking tool, you can see how well your product is performing.

It should give you insight often – even every day – in terms of changes.

The more information it offers to you, the more insight you gain on how to boost your product listings to compete more effectively.

Look for an Amazon rank tracking tool that:

  • Sends daily reports to you
  • Gives you insight into what changes are beneficial
  • Compares your products to competitors with accuracy
  • Provides category-level views of your product’s success

With these tools, you’re able to gain more visibility into how your product is doing on the site and what steps you can take to improve that even further.

Because of how valuable these Amazon seller tools are, we encourage you to reach out to Nuanced Media to learn more about what we can do to get you set up and selling.