Knowing the Different Types of Pallet

When managing a warehouse, finding the right type of pallet is an essential aspect of the whole logistic system.

Although they may all look the same, they come in many varieties, and they also have corresponding uses.

Pallet racks are where the pallets are stored. To find out more, here are the different types of pallets.

As to kind

Generally, pallets are of two types, which are based on their support: stringer pallets and block pallets.

Stringer pallets

This type of pallet uses three 2×4 boards that run on each end and in the middle. A forklift can only lift them on each side.

Block pallets

Conversely, a block pallet incorporates nine 4×4 blocks of wood on every side of the structure and in the middle of each edge.

The block pallet is said to be more convenient since it can be lifted from any edge.

As to material

The material is perhaps the factor that will most likely determine the type of pallet that will be selected.

They come in four varieties: wood, plastic, paper, and metal.

Wood pallets

Wood pallets are the most popular selection because they are affordable and do the job right.

The softwood pallet is considered to be the cheapest type, yet they are also easily disposable.

However, hardwood pallets are more durable and intended for long-term usage.

Plastic pallets

Pallets made out of plastic are probably the most varied.

They come in diverse formulations such as 100% virgin high-density polyethylene material and 100% virgin polypropylene material.

These formulations determine the price and durability of the pallet.

Plastic pallet is, by a mile, more expensive than wood pallets, but you get what you pay for since they are also more durable.

Paper pallets

Due to the rising demand for environmental sustainability, the popularity of paper pallets has returned.

Although it was developed before to reduce the cost of shipping, it’s only now that it is used to provide more than just cost efficiency.

Excellent engineering has helped paper pallets replace softwood pallets because they are not as easily disposable, and they can carry a more massive load.

Many companies are now shifting to paper pallets because they are considerably cheaper and eco-friendlier.

Metal pallets

The last variant of pallets is those made out of metal.

Metal pallets are, by far, the most durable out of all the pallets because it can withstand extreme temperatures and does not rot, unlike wood and paper.

The use of metal pallets is necessary for the shipment and storage of heavy-duty equipment since they can carry at least a 4,000-pound load.

Pallet racks are also compatible with metal pallets because the former consists of steel.

While the strength and longevity of a metal pallet are without question, the only downside is that they typically cost three times more than a wooden pallet.

The selection of a pallet must always be well-thought-out.

If you choose the right one, it can help you save a lot of money.

Therefore, there is still a need to compare the different types and select one that you think is the most appropriate for the kind of product that you’re storing.