Key Trends in the Growing Market of Liquid Filling Machines

Walking in a grocery store shows the great number of beverages a consumer can choose from.

It is true that a wide range of concepts and flavors exist within each beverage category. But, consumers are wanting for more.

For instance, craft beer continues to be among the top fastest-growing products in the beverage industry. In fact, different styles and unique ingredients of specialty beers continue to proliferate.

But, consumers are still looking for new styles that suit their tastes. So, to meet these rising demands, packagers keep on integrating extra machines in their packaging lines.

This post discusses the common trends of the liquid filling machine market and these machines themselves.

An Overview on the Market for Liquid Filling Machines

We can expect the market for automated liquid filling machines to grow at a rate of 7% from 2019-2014. Meaning, the need for streamlined packaging lines enhancing production efficiency is also increasing.

Automated liquid fillers help meet this demand by minimizing the errors caused by packaging by hand. This is because computers control these machines.

Below are some of the major events in the liquid filling machine market.

  • In the manufacturing industries, they need a contamination-free packaging environment. This is especially in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. With automatic liquid filling machines, there is no human interaction with the actual filling process. So, they can guarantee a sanitary filling environment. Thus, supporting the market growth for automated liquid filling lines.
  • With the tight competition, businesses are implementing different practices for their business. This is to:
    • Optimize the efficiency of the production process,
    • Reduce operating expenses
    • Increase profits

Thus, the demand for adaptable filling solutions also increases. But, the flexibility of automated filling lines can meet this demand.

They can handle the changing requirements in the packaging industry with low costs.

  • Given the many demands in the liquid filling machine market, some drawbacks of using them include:
    • Costly initial investments
    • Training of company personnel who will operate the machines

Key Market Trends

  • The cosmetics industry is among the major necessities of life. So it is facing countless demands. These demands increase with continuous market evolution and increasing globalization. The industry needs to create attractive packages that would favor their consumers’ preferences. This helps in driving sales.
  • The demand for gel-based cosmetic products like creams and oils is increasing. This gives cosmetics suppliers a very good opportunity. Thus, expecting a possible increase in the market for liquid filling machines.
  • L’Oréal stated that the Asia-Pacific region generates the greatest demand for skincare products. Among these nations are China and India. Moreover, there is a growing trend in the following:
    • Online shopping
    • Consumers who have a great interest in physical appearance and personal hygiene.

These call for more streamlined liquid filling lines.

Trends in Liquid Filling Machinery

key trend 2

Many packagers deal with many deadlines, projects, and product lines. So, they are looking for manufacturers that can give them a complete packaging line in a short time.

Packagers keep on looking for machine flexibility. This is because this will allow them to package in different applications.

They want machines that can handle different container dimensions.

Faster changeovers prevent holding stocks for retailers ordering at the last minute. Also, the need for faster changeover initiated the rise of various technologies that allowed for faster cleaning.

These technologies eliminated components that packagers need to remove, clean, and reinstall.

It is a huge concern for packagers to follow the cleanability standards of the Food Safety Modernization Act. Liquid fillers tend to have complicated fluid pathways.

This is because of the many check valves, pistons, and pumps in the machines’ design. The goals of cleanability include the following:

  • Quick disassembly without much tools needed
  • Disassembly of hoses
  • No hidden pathways of fluid

Packagers are looking for integrated machines that are able to handle multiple packaging processes such as:

  • Filling
  • Capping
  • Labeling, etc.

Moreover, there is also a possibility of the production of machines with many production cells in the future.

These are machines wherein when a single module fails, there is no need to replace your entire system. This is because you can just replace the defective module.


Production lines are evolving to meet the expanding demands of consumers. So, packagers are also searching for flexible machines that allow for customizations. Customizations ensure that the exact needs of each packager’s production line are answered.

Plus, they allow machines to accommodate a wide variety of products and containers.

So if you are looking for a liquid filling manufacturer who can help you compete in the tight market, check out Levapack.

Their customizable machines guarantee that you receive the ideal machine for your application.