Should Your Business Hire a Copywriter?

Everyone in the US workforce can read and write; the literacy rate in America is 99%, for reference.

However, just because a professional can read and write, it doesn’t mean they can read and write well.

Indeed, a cursory glance through any business website will often reveal a number of common writing errors and mistakes.

These blunders might seem small out of context, but over time they could lessen a brand’s authority online and even cause customers to question what a business has to say.

Today, we’ll explain if –– or when –– it makes sense to hire a copywriter for your company so that you can ensure your content is always top-notch:

Individual Workload

Startups and small businesses need to produce content just like any other organization.

Yet, if they don’t employ a copywriter, they’ll have to rely on current employees to fill that void and write articles, blogs, and website copy.

If you don’t produce content all that often, you may not need a copywriter on staff.

On the other hand, if you notice your team members getting bogged down trying to write content on tight deadlines, it may be a good idea to look for outside help.

Value of Content

Not all blogs are equal.

Some companies don’t write blogs very often; they don’t attract many site visitors as a general rule and they don’t depend on quality blogs to interact with customers or convert leads.

In such a scenario, it doesn’t make sense to employ a copywriter at all times.

Conversely, companies that rely on content to answer FAQs and update consumers on developments should find a copywriter that can handle the workload.

This includes B2B companies, like businesses in the manufacturing industry, for instance.

Online Presence

Want to improve the search engine ranking for the content you produce? Then you should seriously consider bringing in a professional to help.

Google and other search engines value content that is rich, informative, and relevant to consumers.

Remember, quality trumps quantity when it comes to content production.

Copywriting Options

The good news for business owners in the market for a copywriter is that there are no shortage of options for them to explore.

Some companies may decide to hire a copywriter full time to produce website content only.

And that’s fine. Others, though, may decide to combine the role of copywriting with related tasks like social media management, for one.

Or, businesses can choose to work with freelancers and hire copywriting assistance on an as-needed basis.

Thankfully, whether you need an article about 96 well plates or website copy about vintage baseball cards, there are plenty of talented writers who can offer you their services.

Partnering up with a talented writer is a great decision for almost all businesses!