How To Boost Your Call Center Performance

In the last two decades, the proliferation of web and digital technology has made drastic changes in the ways business operations are conducted. 

Apart from concentrating on online presence, a lot of companies outsource parts of their operations.

Outsourcing customer support operations are very commonplace and thousands of mid to large-sized entities resort to this tactic.

So, in reality, the customer support operations of companies belonging to IT, telecom, healthcare, retail, and other sectors are actually managed and run by third party entities offering call center services.

However, running call center operations smoothly is hardly a cakewalk.

Ways to boost workflow and productivity level in call center setups

There is no way one can deny that call center jobs are pretty stressful.

Whether it is an inbound or outbound setup, meeting the targets is necessary and dealing with different types of callers can take a toll on the nerve of the agents.

Even seasoned call center employees cannot evade the risk of burnout at times.

To ensure the workflow remains free of hurdles and the agents perform at the peak of their capacity-the management needs to devise suitable strategies.

Listed below are some effective tips that can be used by call center management to enhance performance level in call center setups:

Teach multitasking tricks

A call center agent typically needs to do more than just answering incoming calls or making calls to sell products of a company! They also have to multitask with speed.

For example, they have to look up in the product database to resolve queries of customers or fetch company protocols on conflict issues.

They may also need to find information from the CRM database while talking to the customers.

So, the induction should be extensive and the newly recruited agents should be taught on ways to multitask better. However, certain things the agents has to pick up while working.

Implement flexible schedules

While in call center setups, operations never come to a halt, it is necessary that the management introduces employee-friendly and flexible shifts and working schedules.

Having rotation shifts is common but it is better to keep provisions for employees to take occasional leaves.

This will help them prevent burnouts and provisions should be kept for backup employees to fill in the gaps.

Enhance and customized the IVR

In almost all call centers, the software application sued includes an IVR setup.

This is used to handle excess callers when the available agents are already on a call.

However, the callers may get weary of listening to while they wait for human agents to receive the calls.

It would be a Great idea to tweak the IVR settings.

The message can, for example, contain promotional offers or limited period schemes-which can be of interest to the callers.

This can serve as an indirect marketing weapon.

Deploy automation features in right ways

Nowadays, the majority of call center software has a number of embedded automation features.

When properly tweaked, these automations can help the agents save time and quality of customer service. The apps have inbuilt call recorder to record calls which can be used for training later.

Similarly, call forwarding and routing are also possible.

Deploying of automation features also reduces the scope of mistakes in operational largely.

Besides, the agents can focus on resolving complex issues while software automation takes care of basic tasks.

Switch to cloud technology

Like a lot of software vendors, the companies making call center management software are also offering Cloud-based SaaS solutions these days.

There are multiple benefits of using Cloud solutions over typical standalone PC based software.

The benefits include cost reduction, reduced downtime, a boost in workflow and low maintenance, etc.

So, the call centers still relying on standalone license-based software may make the transition to SaaS solutions.

In fact, the call center agencies starting operations can save a lot by using Cloud solutions from the beginning.

They can also override external problems affecting workflow when a Cloud-based app is in use.

Have predefined protocols and policies

The call center agents have to deal with myriad types of callers.

Sometimes, they may find resolving issues raised by certain callers/customers tedious.

The issues can be related to payment, refund, product replacement or legal kinds of stuff.

To ensure such sensitive issues are not escalated and customer relationship is not hampered, having predefined protocols in place is important.

The agents can resort to such preset protocols to handle complex cases.

Analyze and utilize feedbacks

Despite the best efforts, there can be room for improvements in call center operations.

For this, taking feedback from the callers and analyzing the feedback can be helpful.

Based on those feedbacks, enhancements can be made in the IVR setup or other areas.

The feedback can be obtained through means like email and social media platforms.

It is also important to pay attention to negative feedback from the callers.

Rectifying such issues will help improve service quality in the future!

Monitor performance of the agents

Usually, the call center setups have agent performance monitoring options.

The management makes use of software-based surveillance to take stock of performance of each agent in real-time.

However, the monitoring should be done in such a way that it does not add to the stress level of those agents!

Using call center software with call center dashboard and graphical options and metrics for monitoring can be helpful.

Using software with alerts and notification features can help the agents stay alert at all times.

Keep options for stress-busting

The management in the call center must ensure the agents can find ways to bust the stress.

This can be done in many ways actually. Keeping options for indoor games at the setup to organizing periodic parties or taking them to dine out can help the employees stay in good spirits.

Even the layout and color scheme in the workspace can be tweaked to have a positive impact on the mindset of the agents.

Summing it up

To enhance the performance level in a call center setup, deploying well-planned strategies is necessary.

However, the importance of utilizing new era technologies cannot be undermined in this regard.

A blend of technological enhancement and preparing the workforce in every possible way can result in a visible boost in overall performance in call center setups.