7 Types Of Influencer You Need To Know About

Influencer marketing has quickly become one of the most important types of marketing strategies if it is not already.

Virtually every social media platform has influencers in different niches that businesses can benefit from. Not to mention, influencers come in many shapes and sizes including fitness based, educational based, and many other niche types you can think of.

That said, there is one major problem that many businesses face regarding this marketing strategy.

For the most part, this problem boils down to choosing influencers only based on niche type and size. In reality, a successful influencer campaign is one that prioritizes matching an influencer with their business needs and requirements over other qualities.

 It is important to contact the influencer who has a certain connection with the brand, supports the lifestyle the product promotes, and appreciates the value it can provide. Nowadays, thanks to many influencer marketing tools like Grin, Humanz, and Dovetale, finding the right person to partner with across social media couldn’t be easier.

Now that we understand what a successful influencer marketing campaign looks like, now we can discuss what the best influencer types to choose from are.

As we can imagine, each type brings in their unique selling points and benefits to a business as well.

While nothing can guarantee marketing success, using one of these influencers will at least put you in a better position than a competitor who doesn’t have one. With this in mind, here are seven types of influencers you need to know about.

#1: The Personal Brand Influencer

The Personal brand influencer is an influencer who endorses your product through their image.

This type of influencer has shown to bring not only make a business more relevant within their niche but also more trustworthy.

In the end, these qualities bring purchase ready clients naturally. Also, it allows them to acquire these clients without seeming desperate or pushy in the process.

#2: The Local Level Influencer

The local level influencer is arguably the best bet a smaller business has to take advantage of the large audiences social media platforms have.

Quite obviously, these types of influencers are based on local markets with just enough of a following to add some value to a business.

Perhaps the best part about them is that they are easy to get a hold of compared to large level influencers.

#3: The Professional Platform Influencer

As far as overlooked influencer types are concerned, the professional platform influencer types are among the most underutilized.

This mostly stems from the fact that they are usually not as popular as other influencer types in regards to followers.

Despite this, types such as Linkedin influencers can add a nice boost to the legitimacy of your business.

#4: The Niche-Expert Influencer

The niche-expert influencer is an influencer that can back up their quality through statistics and real-world examples.

Much like the professional platform influencer, this influencer types does wonders in regards to improving the legitimacy of a business is concerned.

#5: The Journalist Influencer

The journalist influencer is based on trust more than anything else.

Their content mostly comes in the form of opinion based blogs that help engage an audience.

A business on the more informational side of the business industry can benefit from this influencer type.

#6: The Business-Savvy Influencer

Perhaps the most interesting influencer types you should know about is the business-savvy influencer.

They are interesting in that they promote business processes and activities in general as opposed to sticking to one niche. For example, their content might include topics such as how to improve your business or ways to make it better.

For a business, partnering with this type of influencer helps raise the value of your business within your niche.

#7: The Celebrity Influencer

Last but not least, the celebrity influencer is an influencer to know about in the eventual case your business expands.

For this reason, this influencer type is most effective for businesses large enough to take on their costs.

That said, if you can get a hold of them, prepare to receive an extensive amount of purchase-ready buyers.

Finding The Best Influencer Type

Finding the best influencer type should be done with a focus on your business as opposed to the qualities and capabilities they have.

This is by far the biggest mistake businesses make in this process.

As an overall rule, look for influencers that match the specific needs your business has.

This gives your business a clear path on how to measure their performance.