5 Hidden Costs of Adoption

Many people fail to consider the overall expense that comes with adopting a baby or child.

Like with anything that involves a major financial transaction, there are transparent fees that you know about upfront, then there are other fees that are a little more difficult to calculate and estimate.

On top of that, you have still other expenses that you hadn’t even considered that also become apparent after the fact.

Here are five hidden costs of adoption that you should know about before you begin the process.

Agency Fees

This is where the majority of the various fees, taxes, and other charges associated with an adoption occur.

But what they don’t usually tell you is what all of those individual charges under the broader “agency” umbrella actually are. Different types of adoption agencies charge different service fees.

The four main types of providers you will find are:

  • National Agencies
  • Local, State, or Regional Agencies
  • Adoption Specialist Attorneys
  • Law Centers or Facilitators

National agencies obviously cover the entire country, whereas the local to regional providers cover localized areas.

Individual legal professionals or firms, as well as specialized legal centers and social care professionals, can also assist people in seeking this kind of service. Each will have their own custom fees and charges based on the specific type of work they do and who their clientele is.

They will usually be some combination of the following:

Advertising Fees

You are paying for the advertising and marketing costs of your professionals’ business operations.

Many justify this charge by claiming it is what brought you to them to achieve your dream in the first place.

Matching Service Fees

The agencies and lawyers will oftentimes charge you for the service of finding matching birthmothers to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Living/Care Expenses

Many times adoptive parents will agree to cover a number of the fees and expenses that go along with the care for the unborn child and the birth.

Allowance may be given for food, clothing, rent or utilities, as well as anything else that the two parties might agree upon.

Legal Fees

It should come as no surprise that there is a multitude of legal costs associated with adoption.

You are paying these as part of the overall agency fee that we discussed earlier. If you have your own legal professional handling your end of the deal, consider discussing these costs with your adoption specialist.

It’s possible that having your own attorney could lower the cost of the service fee a bit.

Interest on Financing

One final sneaky cost that we would like to make you aware of is interest or financing charges you will pay if you end up taking out a loan for this process.

As we have established, this can be an expensive ordeal.

How much you end up paying in interest should also be considered when you are setting your budget for this experience.

Don’t be caught off guard by the cost of adoption.

Take your time to find not only the best provider in your area but also the provider with the fairest and most transparent fees.