How to Prevent Water Pollution?

Water pollution is considered as one of the biggest threats to our planet. 

A large number of the population does not have access to clean drinking water. This is the reason due to which many people around the globe suffer from water-related conditions.

Different countries of the world have realized the severity of this problem and are taking measures for controlling it.

There are mainly two types of water pollution: organic pollution and chemical pollution.

Various elements bring about water pollution, including environmental factors and commercial waste.

The permanent solution of water pollution lies in eradicating its causes.

There are also various techniques of water purification that can help remove contamination in water.

This blog will cater to the reasons for water pollution and its prevention.

Causes of Water Pollution

Before we get into the prevention of water pollution, establishing its causes is important.

There are several factors responsible for polluting water, and some of the major ones are given below:

Industrial Waste

The industrial waste is one of the prime causes of water pollution.

Many industrial sources are responsible for producing water pollution.

For example, power plants, chemical manufacturing, textile industries are some of the major contributors to water pollution.

In addition to that, the radioactive waste used in nuclear plants is also hazardous for water.

Organic Waste

Animals, humans, and plants produce organic waste.

It is considered as biodegradable waste as it decomposes on its own.

When this organic waste enters the water stream, it causes pollution.

The harmful bacteria in the organic waste result in different diseases on consuming polluted water.

Oil Pollution

Oil pollution is one of the major contributors to the contamination of water.

When an oil container is spilled in the sea or ocean, it pollutes the water.

As a result of this pollution, aquatic life is affected badly.

oil pollution

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There is a large quantity of wastewater produced around the globe, and its disposal poses a big dilemma.

Contamination is also caused when the sewage enters the water channels.

Faulty Water Supply Equipment

Another big factor that causes water pollution is substandard equipment.

Sometimes corrosion and rusting result in deterioration of equipment like valves causing cracks in them.

Different types of impurities can enter the water channel through these gaps.

However, the use of efficient valves from a trusted valve manufacturer like in the water supply line can prevent this problem.

Prevention of Water Pollution

There are different ways to prevent water pollution, and the popular ones are the following:

Keep a Check on What You Drain

On a personal level, every individual can control pouring hazardous material through drains.

There are different materials like dishwashing chemicals, bleach, oil, that contribute heavily to water pollution.

All such things should not be drained as they can enter the groundwater and cause contamination.

If this stuff gets into the water channel, it can also result in affecting the aquatic life.

Some of the other harmful things include solid chemicals like medication. They will not only cause blockage in the drains but also pollute water.


Source: Dengarden

Boycott Usage of Plastic

Plastic is a big hazard for the environment, including water as it is not biodegradable.

It contains many harmful constituents that generate greenhouse gases. When the plastic ends up in water sources, it disrupts the whole ecosystem.

The plastic is also one of the major causes of acid rain. Therefore, it is essential to avoid the usage of all types of plastic. Try to find alternative of plastic in everything.

Avoid Dumping Around Water Source

People tend to throw all kinds of garbage in the water, including plastic, chemical, rubber, and other harmful components.

These substances not only physically affect the cleanliness of water but also add hazardous components to it. T

hat will make it even worse. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone refrains from throwing trash near water sources to prevent pollution.

Do Effective Waste Disposal

It is important to adopt a mechanism for waste disposal that is safe for the environment.

Ideally, you should avoid using hazardous substances that cause water pollution.

However, if the usage is necessary, you should ensure its effective disposal.

You should use proper methods for disposal of waste like dumpsters. This way, the local waste management authority will dispose of the waste effectively.

waste management

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Water Purification

Different purification techniques can be used to control water pollution.

Mainly two types of water purification methods are used: physical processes and chemical processes.

Distillation and filtration are physical techniques, while chlorination is a chemical method.

It is to be noted that purification techniques can only clean a certain level of contamination in water.

Purification methods cannot remove the presence of harmful toxins and radioactive waste in the water.

Wastewater Treatment

The wastewater is more likely to enter the groundwater channel and contaminate it.

Wastewater treatment is a popular technique for controlling water pollution.

It performs different chemical processes on wastewater to purify it.

Although wastewater treatment does not completely make the contaminated water harmless, but it makes it bearable for the environment.

This way, the threat of water pollution caused by sewage is minimized.

Other Factors

Water Pollution Awareness

If the general public is familiar with the reasons and effects of water pollution, they will try to control it.

Creating awareness amongst masses is the key to prevent water pollution.

The different forms of media can play their role to inform people about water pollution and its intervention.

This way, everyone will put an individual effort to control water pollution.

single use plastic

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Strict Laws

The strict laws against water pollution can also help in its prevention.

If there are penalties for people who commit acts causing water pollution, this menace can be controlled.

For encouragement, incentives should be given to the ones that play a positive role in the prevention of water pollution.


Water pollution is a big hazard for the environment and a point of concern for humanity.

The declining quantity of fresh water around the globe is calling for drastic measures for controlling the pollution.

Many countries of the world are coming up with ingenious solutions for preservation of clean water.

By following the guidelines mentioned above, water pollution can be controlled.

Its control is the need of the hour, and the guideline mentioned above can help do so.