Buying Guide: Selecting the Right Solar Street Light Manufacturer

Over the years, solar street lighting system has become more and more popular.

The conservation of energy, reduction of pressure on power plants and greenhouse emissions, and minimization of costs are some of the primary reasons why many businesses and local authorities are shifting from using standard lights to solar lights.

There’s still a lot more.

If your company has been planning to buy solar street lights in bulks, you must select the right manufacturer.

Bluesmart Solar PV Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of all-in-one solar street lights in China, including the commercial ones.

What makes it a pioneer in the solar street lighting industry? What should you look for in a solar light manufacturer?

The factors listed below will help you improve your decision-making in choosing a supplier.

Important Factors to Consider:

1. Cost

One solar light will never be enough to illuminate any street, public spaces, or premises of buildings.

Thus, in choosing a manufacturer, you should consider the cost.

You will definitely buy in bulks. So, do the math and compute how much money will be required of you by a prospective supplier when you make a purchase of solar lights that are perfect for your application.

See if the quotation provided by the manufacturer fits in your budget.

If yes, that would be awesome. If not, then you can negotiate with the supplier.

If it doesn’t work you‘ll have to look for another supplier.

2. Radius of Light

The radius of light pertains to the scale of the area that can be covered by the light coming from the lamps.

This factor is pretty much related to the previous one, which is the cost.

Obviously, if a manufacturer produces solar street lights that have a larger scale of radius, you will only need to buy a fewer number of these lighting devices.

Upon knowing the amount of light produced by each lamp, you will be able to calculate the probable distance between the lights.

This allows you to know how many lamps are necessary for your area.

3. Maintenance Requirements

Somehow, maintenance is still related to the cost of the lighting fixtures.

How? In pursuit of finding the cheapest solar light available, you might suffer in terms of maintenance. You have to be very careful in this aspect.

Ideally, investing in a good quality solar lamp with less maintenance is better than investing in cheap ones that require frequent maintenance.

Chances are, your expenses will get doubled. We all know that it is not very much desirable.

So, to save yourself from long-term trouble, find a manufacturer that supplies solar lights that do not require much maintenance.

4. Resistance to Corrosion and Rapid Deterioration

There are solar street lights in the market that easily get affected by corrosion, which leads to sudden deterioration.

You would not want to spend money on something that will rapidly fail and be completely dysfunctional. That will be a worthless investment.

Do your research, find out what qualities of a solar street light will lead to the prevention of electronic corrosion and deterioration.

Then, check the specs of the products that the manufacturers sell, as well as the materials used in fabricating them. Compare and see if their products are reliable and not easily damaged.

5. Strength and Durability

Of course, you should look for strong, durable, versatile devices that can be used for a longer time than usual.

Manufacturers that produce solar lights that can withstand violent storms, strong winds, etc. can be your potential supplier.

Lights that are adequately strong to support an extra amount of weight.

This is necessary because solar street lights will be very useful after a natural disaster has occurred.

They should serve as efficient light sources after the calamity, also providing security to residents and professionals around.

6. Insect or Animal Management

Lights always attract insects such as moths. Some animals, like rats and squirrels, find a home in street lamps as well since the lamp posts supply great amount of warmth for them.

In the morning, birds are likely to perch on the solar lights. Having insects and animals around your solar devices can result in breaking, or damaging the lights if not managed properly.

In dealing with this concern, you should get your company a manufacturer that supplies solar street lights that are completely and meticulously sealed, so insects and animals won’t be able to break in the glass or wreck the lamp.

They should be hefty and sturdy enough to handle the uncontrollable encounters with any other organisms.

Using a solar energy-based insect pest trap might be a good option as well.


Although it is easier to just randomly select a manufacturer and merely trust your gut-feel, paying attention to the factors mentioned above and carefully understanding them to make better decisions on your imminent purchase will be a wiser action.

Don’t be too much in a hurry, nor be hasty in your decision-making so that you won’t regret anything in the end.

Enjoy the hunting process, and may you find the best and leading manufacturer.

Good luck!