Top Trade Show Secrets

Trade shows, conferences and exhibits are a battleground for attention.

The sea of competition is daunting. Exhibition services can incorporate the latest in technology and design, along with a dash of that little something extra, to win the war.

Although being the talk of the exhibit hall can be difficult, at your next event you could own the trade-show with a little planning and creativity.

So how can you make your brand stand out at the conferences, trade shows and meetings where you’ll be exhibiting at the next show? Read on.

1. Be Friendly

This is quite possibly the most important tip: be friendly and inviting.

Say “Hello” to those walking by or that turn and look toward you or your trade show booth.

Strike up a conversation, small talk and be sure to have a short introductory speech ready. And remember to have fun!

2. Display

The design of your trade show exhibit speaks volumes about your company and serves as the foundation upon which you shape your trade show marketing success.

A well-designed exhibit will attract visitors, support your goals, reflect the identity of your brand and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Be sure your booth stands out and it should be clean and uncluttered.

3. Pre-Show Marketing

Be sure to market yourself pre-show. This is where most of the magic happens.

Reach out to attendees 4 – 6 weeks before the show and set up meetings with them at your booth before the show starts.

Make it about networking, not selling. Collecting email addresses and phone numbers of past attendees comes in handy for this type of trade show preparation.

4. Be Hospitable

Give people a warm welcome with things everyone can agree on.

Having coffee/ tea, an abundance of comfortable seating, and fresh-baked cookies always works.

Treat your exhibit as if it’s your home. One of the first things people notice when they walk into your home is the aroma.

Give off a scent like home-baked cookies and people can’t help but feel welcome. Give your guests a little bit of generosity and they might just give some back.

5. Follow up

Follow up with leads soon after the show. The longer you wait the longer they have to forget who you are.

People have many interactions at trade shows. Don’t be afraid of reaching out too quickly.

Typically wait one day after the show to follow up with potential prospects. Waiting too long will dilute the connection.