Ordering Manual Checks Online: A Quick and Easy Guide

Whether as a private individual or a business owner, being able to use manual business checks to pay for bills and purchases is a quick and convenient payment method.

Many people actually choose to use checks instead of cash when conducting financial transactions because of the safety and security that checks offer as well as the fact that many businesses now accept checks as payment in lieu of straight cash.

What’s more, using checks provides an easier way to account and audit financial transactions because of the paperwork involved in processing checks.

This allows business owners to keep detailed and updated financial records for their business.

Where Can I Get Manual Business Checks?

If you are ordering manual business checks for the first time, you have two choices on how to procure your checks.

First, you can physically go to the bank and order your checks in person. Most banks have checks in stock, so you can receive your business checks on the same day.

There are even banks who will allow you to order your check by phone and have the checks delivered to you by a trusted courier service.

However, if you order your business checks from the bank, it will bear the bank’s logo instead of your company’s logo.

Your second option to is order manual business checks online.

Benefits of Ordering Manual Checks Online

There are several benefits that you can enjoy if you choose to order manual business checks for your business online.

Wide Choice of Suppliers

There are many third-party vendors online that print high-quality manual business checks. You can compare these vendors in terms of their prices, track record of customer service, product quality, and delivery lead times.

Once you find a preferred vendor, you can establish a long-term working relationship with them and you might even be able to reap small benefits such as quicker delivery time, priority status, or price discounts for being a repeat and loyal customer.

Personalized and Customized Checks

Ordering manual business checks online means that you will be able to have more control in terms of the final design and appearance of your business checks. You can choose the final layout of your check as well place your company’s logo on it to make it unique and specific to your company.

However, make sure that your unique layout will still be accepted by your bank by making sure that the bank’s unique security features are still included in the final design and that these are not obstructed in any way.

Having a unique and eye-catching check won’t do any good if your customers won’t be able to cash the check at your bank!

Order Anywhere, Anytime

One of the problems in ordering business checks from your bank is that you need to abide by your bank’s schedule.

If the bank is closed for holidays or it’s outside of the normal working hours, you won’t be able to order your business checks. You also need to be physically able to visit the bank (unless you order by phone or if your bank offers online services for ordering checks), so if you’re located somewhere far from your bank or you won’t be able to travel to the bank, you’re out of luck.

Order the Right Amount

Finally, ordering online means that you will always be able to order the amount of business checks that you need, whether you’re ordering for a small business where a few checkbooks might suffice, or you’re ordering for a large business where you might need to order in bulk.

While it’s rare, there are instances where banks run out of checks.

5 Easy Steps to Order Checks Online

If you’re unsure how to order your manual business checks online, here is a simple guide to help you order in five easy steps.

Step 1: Find a supplier

As mentioned above, looking for an online supplier to customize your checks for you means that you really need to canvass through several suppliers.

There are forums online that can help you find suppliers, or even a simple Google search in your area can net you some leads.

Step 2: Evaluate your potential suppliers

Once you’ve chosen potential suppliers, rate them according to their performance, customer reviews, products and services offered, and their prices. Reliable companies will make all of these factors as easy to find as possible.

They will have a detailed inventory of their available stock online, along with product details and prices, as well as delivery details. They will also have customer reviews readily available on their website.

Step 3: Choose the supplier that fits your needs

Make sure that you choose the supplier that fits your needs in terms of delivery time, budget, and the ability to create the design of business check that you need.

Step 4: Place your order

Once you’ve decided on a supplier, make sure to provide all the pertinent information such as your business name, logo, bank name, and account number.

You should also specify the exact number of checks that you need and the delivery address that will receive the checks.

Step 5: Note down your delivery details

After placing your order and paying for it, make sure to take note of the delivery details, especially the name of the courier company, the tracking number, and the promised date of delivery.

In case there is a delay, you can easily follow up with the company.