5 Ways 3D Printing Can Help Entrepreneurs Make and Save Money

Many people view 3D printing as being a cool hobby that lets you print out interesting objects in your spare time.

However, a true entrepreneur should be able to see the value of a device that allows you to bring any 3D object to life in the comfort of your own home.

Of course, there are also benefits associated with sourcing products from manufacturers who use 3D printers, as they’re often able to pass those savings down to their clients.

In fact, there are actually numerous ways to make and save money by using your own 3D printer or by dealing with companies that provide 3D printed products.

More specifically, here are five ways 3D printing can help you reduce your expenditure and increase your overall revenue as an entrepreneur:

1. Affordable Prototyping and Manufacturing

The typical process of having a prototype made can be very expensive in comparison to dealing with a company that can make you a 3D printed injection mold at a fraction of the price.

Nowadays, you can easily find Chinese prototype manufacturers that will work with you to print out a product that matches your specifications for affordable prices.

Rapid Direct (https://www.rapiddirect.com/3d-printing) is an example of a 3D prototyping service that has become popular with entrepreneurs who operate in the product development and retail sectors.

They’ve quickly become known as one of the best prototype companies because their 3D printing service is a pioneer in automotive prototyping and 3D metal printing.

2. The Opportunity to Profit from the 3D Printing Industry

The 3D printing industry as a whole is growing in so many ways and there’s an abundance of opportunity available to creative entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on this burgeoning space.

To give you a few examples of how you can start making money from 3D printing, you could:

  • start your own 3D printing service online
  • help other companies sell their 3D printers for a commission
  • create a blog and YouTube channel about 3D printers
  • sell 3D printed items

Of course, the list goes on, but it would be neglectful to fail to mention the money-making opportunities that the industry provides.

3. The Ability to Print Small Items Instead of Buying Them at a Store

You don’t have to be a computer whiz to learn how to print 3D items because there are already thousands of downloadable blueprint files that you can simply upload to your machine to get great results out-of-the-box.

This means you’ll be able to print small office and household items that you’d otherwise have to buy at the store. Since an exhaustive list would go beyond the scope of this guide, so be sure to do your own research to check out ideas for items that you can print to save money on your annual office and home maintenance bill.

4. Marketing for 3D Printing Companies

With so many other entrepreneurs trying to make money from selling 3D printed and services, you can profit from their need for advertising by providing 3D printing marketing services.

Starting your own marketing agency might seem like itis beyond your area of expertise at the moment, but by specializing in only 3D printing you can drastically reduce the learning curve and time it takes to gain a high level of proficiency in the niche.

The main perk and selling point that you’ll have over other general marketing agencies is that you’ll know the 3D printing audience inside and out.

5. Reducing the Cost of Shipping

When you use a 3D printer to create an item, the machine is loaded with materials that are shipped in bulk.

This means you pay a much lower shipping cost per item because each object that you print only uses a small amount of material.

It also means that you only have to pay for shipping when you run out of certain materials, and you can print dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of items before that happens.

If you were to have all of those items shipped after they were made, the shipping cost would be astronomical in comparison to printing them at home or in the office

Don’t Let the 3D Printing Wave Pass You By

It’s important to remember that the gold rush for every industry only lasts for so long. While 3D printing will continue to be profitable for many years, the industry’s rate of growth is probably going to peak at some point within the next decade.

Launching your own endeavor in the sector now ensures that you’ll already have experience in this niche as it continues to take off in the mainstream.

Many consumer analysts predict that 3D printers will become common household items by 2030, so now is the perfect time to get in on the wave as an innovative and frugal entrepreneur.