Paid vs. Free Advertising: Which One Will You Benefit Most from?

If you are a new business owner, you will do everything to save money, whether it is paying banner printers that can offer cheap rates or asking a photographer friend to take photos of your products that they can also use for their portfolio.

There are several aspects of a business that you can enjoy for free, and it includes advertising. You can use both free and paid advertising to boost your business sales and gain more customers.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising is also more commonly known as paid media, and it is present in both traditional and online advertising. When we say paid media, it means that businesses pay for advertisers to come up with an eye-catching advertisement that will entice people to check out the products and services and buy them.

Offline advertisers include companies that print signs, leaflets, brochures, and banners that they can put up or distribute to make people aware of products and services.

In online advertising, paid media functions in two ways:

  • Pay-per-click ads are those where companies pay advertisers for every Internet user that clicks on their advertisement. The fee is a previously agreed upon amount that the business has to pay to the professional advertiser.
  • Pay-per-impression ads calculate the number of Internet users whose computer displays expose the ads. Companies pay advertisers by the hundred, thousand or hundred thousand exposures.

Free advertising   

In offline advertising, businesses can display ads without paying for an advertiser.

You can make signs if you have the artistic ability and put them up on your storefront. You can also print leaflets, flyers and brochures on your home computer that you can distribute to people on sidewalks and to those who come in your store. Word of mouth is also a type of free advertising.

You sell the good points of your products and services to acquaintances and even to strangers.

In terms of online advertising, free ads mean that you write blogs about the product or service and provide a positive review for it to pique the interest and curiosity of your target market.

You can also make use of social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook to promote your wares. You can post photos, whether taken by a professional or amateur photographer and pair them with text that provides information about the specific product or service.

Free ads don’t necessarily look like traditional ads; they focus more on providing the audience with information they need regarding products.

The pitfalls of free advertising

Free advertising is substantially cheaper than paid advertising. But the disadvantage of a free ad is that it is not on par with industry standards, and if not done correctly, may not be as successful as a paid ad.

Be sure to take advantage of these advertising methods for your business. It will significantly benefit from them.

Should you hire an advertiser, pick one that will work closely with you and make your vision a reality.

Online and offline advertising are both useful avenues to reach as many potential customers as you can.