How Technology can Save Your Business Money in 2019

The tools and equipment that a business needs on a day-to-day basis tend to add up quickly with growth.

Just in your office, there are computers, stationery, network equipment, printers, fax machines, files, and the seemingly endless mounds of paperwork they contain.

All these products come at a cost and finding ways to reduce this cost is key to increasing your bottom line.

According to research, an unsettling 29% of businesses fail due to running out of capital. While increasing your profits is the most obvious way to ensure you don’t become a statistic, lowering your expenses is just as important.

The good news is that technology is here to help. With a few clever changes to the way your business operates, you can utilize the power of modern innovations to save money and keep moving forward.

Take Your Marketing Efforts to Social Media

The massive potential that social media has for marketing a business makes traditional advertising methods a thing of the past.

Establishing a presence on popular social media hubs is an excellent way to get your business out there and it has a plethora of benefits for your marketing efforts – without much in terms of expenses.

Find the social media websites that are best suited for your business and be sure to also establish yourself on review and listing sites such as Google My Business.

This will not only help your target audience find you but also allow you to interact with your customers, see what your competitors are doing and subsequently gain valuable industry information.

Move Your Business to the Cloud

If your business is largely tech-based and utilizes servers or physical storage instead of cloud solutions to operate, you’re missing out.

Moving your business to the cloud eliminates the costly expenses that come with physical storage, maintenance, and the salaries you pay the people to maintain your own servers.

Additionally, you can utilize an innovative cloud-based solution such as PieSync to put your software and apps into the cloud.

This not only reduces your expenses but also greatly improves the efficiency of your business as everything is accessible by any device from one central location.

Piesync also offers valuable data and insights that you can utilize to make more informed decisions when it comes to how you should do business moving forward.

Invest in Software

Today, there’s a digital solution to just about every function a business needs to perform. This includes accounting, payments, project management, communication, collaboration, customer relations and so much more.

By using software instead of traditional physical solutions, you can save a significant amount of capital on salaries and equipment.


For almost every function that your business needs to perform on a daily basis, there’s a digital solution that can save you money and increase your efficiency.

The faster you can get work done without compromising on quality, the more you can achieve in a shorter time period.

Keep an open mind to digital business solutions as they truly are the future.