5 Best Business Storage Tips to Save You Money

Businesses all over the country need adequate storage in order to keep working efficiently.

If you have too little space to keep everything that you sell in stock, then you will inevitably let customers down by not being able to fulfil orders on time.

Equally, manufacturing businesses need a good storage system that allows them to keep components, assemblies and spares in close proximity to keep their production lines going without any delays.

Once products have been made, they must be stored in a way that means they remain in mint condition ready for shipping. In fact, even businesses that don’t require much physical stock still need some professional storage in place.

Even if you just have some equipment to carry out a service that your enterprise offers, storing it in a rational way that means it is ready to be used, when needed, is important.

Given the various needs for good storage solutions that different types of business models need, you may be surprised to hear that one type of storage system is often all that is needed.

In a huge number of cases, pallet racking systems will provide your enterprise with everything that it needs in terms of simple, yet functional, storage.

There are many custom made storage providers in order to help you, for example pallet racking systems are available from Warehouse Storage Solutions.

Why is pallet racking the answer to so many firms questions about cost-effective storage?

1. Lower Your Rental Costs

You don’t need to operate a fully fledged warehouse to benefit from pallet racking.

Even relatively modest enterprises can save money by installing it for a simple reason – it means being able to continue operating where you are. Look at it this way – if you are not using your stock facility in the most efficient manner, then eventually you will end up running out of space.

At this point in the growth of your company, you face the choice of hiring additional storage space at a temporary facility, which could be disruptive and costly, or moving to a larger business premises.

Either way, you are faced with the unpalatable fact that your decision will lead to greater expenditure. On the other hand, sticking where you are means that your rental costs won’t spiral out of control.

Because pallet racking makes such efficient use of space, you will find it is possible to store everything you need in your current stockroom without needing extra capacity.

Since rent is one of the major costs that SMEs face, purchasing pallet racking should be seen as a cost-saving investment.

2. Speedier Stock Checking Means Lowering Overheads

When your stock is stowed on pallet racks, you can see what you are looking it with greater clarity than conventional shelving units, for example.

In fact, stockroom and warehouse staff are able to access pallet racking much easier than other types of storage which means they can count and identify items with a great deal of accuracy. There are two money-saving factors worth mentioning in this regard.

Firstly, greater accuracy with stock checks means that your business can operate more efficiently, for example, by not buying things it does not need simply because they cannot be found.

Secondly, carrying out an inventory of your entire business will take less time so you spend less of stockroom staff to do overtime. In fact, you should be able to lower your wage bill because you need fewer employees in the area of stock management overall.

3. Integrate Your Goods-In Processing for Greater Accuracy

With a palletised system of deliveries, stowing your incoming items on pallet racks makes perfect sense. Such an approach means that items can be delivered and go straight into their allocated slot immediately.

Staff don’t need to unpack deliveries until they are needed. Not only does this save time and, therefore, money but it means that your goods-in area gets less clogged up when deliveries come in at the same time, something that helps to avoid costly errors and delays.

4. Keep Your Utility Costs Down By Utilising Upward Space

When you install a professional pallet racking solution, you can make use of all of your available space, from the floor right up to the ceiling.

Thin-aisle systems are particularly effective in making use of the available footprint that your business premises has to offer.

As well as meaning you don’t need a temporary storage facility, using the overhead space means that your heating and lightings costs don’t go up.

When you have an extra storage facility, you also need to pay the utility bills on it as well as the rent. By using all of the space in your current premises, on the other hand, you are able to store many more items without any additional heating or lighting expenditure.

5. Improved Picking Efficiency

As mentioned, high-quality storage systems like pallet racks make it easier to see what you are looking at from the point of view of stock checking.

This greater accuracy also helps your warehouse team to locate and pick the right items first time. Because all of the items you store are held in their own dedicated location, you can look up where anything ought to be in moments, whether you utilise a paper or computer-based system.

Operatives are then able to pick exactly the right thing which prevents costly problems down the line, such as incorrect components being sent to a production line, for example.