10 Tips for Telephone Conference Call Etiquette

Conference calls – while they are deemed to be convenient, they are not always so compelling.

These kinds of calls are usually hosted in small or large groups of people. They can oftentimes be a pain, frustrating, and even hilarious, but most people can agree that they are advantageous, which is why they are still popular.

Whether you are running the call yourself or just participating in it, it is important to grasp some of the proper etiquette and techniques that may be required as they may make you stand out in a positive way while in the call.

Here they are:

Establish Who Will Do the Calling

When you are planning the call, it is crucial for you to establish who will be doing the calling.

This can not only avoid confusion but also save time. Make note of the number of people that should be called, as well as the time.

Typically, the person who initiates the call will be a supervisor, but this can vary depending on the type of call.

Be on Time

One of the biggest factors that you don’t want to get wrong. When talking about etiquette, it should be your top priority to be on time for the conference call.

You don’t want to interrupt a call that is already in session by buzzing in later than the rest. If you know that you will be late, ahead of time, take the proper precautions, and send an email to keep everyone informed.

Have an Agenda or Plan

All meetings should have an agenda or plan, and this includes telephone conference calls.

Before initiating the call or participating in it, write down what your end goal for the call is, what you plan on discussing with others, and how you can make the call a productive one.

Introductions Can Help

Proper etiquette means introducing yourself to others. A quick introductory session at the beginning of the call can get everyone familiar with the voices they hear and avoid confusion.

In some cases, people may get on a conference call as “listeners” just to observe. Branded Bridge Line can help you begin the call with a prerecorded greeting that will help set the tone and establish that you are, in fact, in the right call.

Don’t Get Sidetracked

Have you been to a meeting where it was more of a waste of time than a productive conference?

It can get frustrating. By making sure that the discussion doesn’t go off topic, you can achieve more within the timeframe that you have scheduled for the meeting.

Become Friends with the Mute Button

The mute button is something that you want to utilize during conference calls.

Being in a call with multiple people and hearing the background noise of someone else can be distracting, and it can also make it difficult to hear or understand the person talking.

When it is not your turn to talk, put your phone on mute in order to be respectful of the others in the call. Don’t forget to unmute your phone when you are ready to talk!

Call Waiting is Not Recommended

Turning off the call waiting option on your phone during conference calls can be beneficial to everyone as it eliminates distractions.

Some phones may beep and make it aware that there is a call waiting, while for others, it can get them sidetracked.

To be safe, turn it off for the duration of the conference call. If it is an emergency, politely let the rest of the call know that you have to leave earlier than expected.

Know When It Is Your Time to Speak

Talking over people is rude, and it is also not easy to understand.

Since you are in a telephone conference call, you can’t see body language, so try to take some notes on what your cues are to begin speaking.

Pay Attention

Just because you are not face-to-face with the rest of the people in the call, this doesn’t excuse you from the need to pay attention.

Avoid distractions around you, and divert all your attention to the conference call as you would in your office.

Follow Up

After the call, follow up with an email. This email can thank the participants, wrap up the key points covered during the call, and even give some insight as to what the next call will be about.

Practicing proper etiquette for your conference calls can make them easier, less stressful or nerve-wracking. If you follow these tips, you are bound to have good conference call etiquette.