10 Preventive Actions to Protect Your Business From Robbery

Being a business owner is not just responsible for monitoring cash inflow.

He is also accountable for any cash outflow economically and criminally. Nowadays, burglars seem to target small businesses rather than breaking in at home residences.

Due to its profit, burglars can steal more amount of money at small stores than in houses.

In order to prevent theft happening at your store, you have to take preemptive actions.

Below are ten tips you can implement in securing your business.

1. Provide a Sturdy Bar and Reliable Locking System

The easiest way to frustrate a robber is by keeping him away from every possible opportunity in breaking in. Which means installing a sturdy bar and lock can be a preventive measure. Experts say that the best lock is a double cylinder deadlock.

Using this lock makes the burglar difficult for them to pick and unlock. The door is not possible to open unless there is a key on both sides. This kind of lock can even lock out burglars who tried to hide inside the store during closing hours.

2. Strategically Arrange Storefront Items

Arranging the inventory in such a way that would prevent thieves from being enticed can be a possible preventive act.

Those high priced items can be put away from the front door at night to inhibit burglars from lurking around.

3. Tampered and Laminated Glass Doors and Windows

Having this kind of glass slows down a thief from breaking in. He will have to smash the glass harder several times.

As a result, this produces disturbing noise that can alarm the people surrounding it.

4. Keep Lights Open outside Your Store

Let any dark acts be brought to light by flooding the exterior surroundings with too much light.

Put lights above the walkway and alley entrances. This discourages robbers from breaking in at night for they know they will be captured well on security cameras.

5. Set up a Protection Alarm System

The best burglar alarm is said to be a silent central-station burglary alarm system.

When the robber breaks in, the alarm will not inform him. Instead, the signal will notify the bystanders and officers around the store.

The business owner should think of protection alarm systems that will best fit his business.

6. Position Safe at Storefront

We have been accustomed to putting the safe at the back of a store. However, police suggest in putting it where it is most visible.

This helps detect any suspicious individual roaming around the storefront.

Like I mentioned earlier, a well-lit store at night could also increase security from the patrols. A visible safe could initiate our security patrols to keep an eye on it.

7. Keep Your Surroundings Clean

Putting away anything that could be a hiding place for burglars will lessen any anomaly in your area.

Have your surroundings clean by cutting off thick bushes. This will lessen their opportunity to hide and wait for your store’s closing hours.

Moreover, a clean environment signifies someone is constantly looking after the store. Thus, deters robbers from their plan.

8. Invest in Good Security Cameras

This is one of the essential preventive acts that you could provide for your store.

It does not just preempt suspicious activity, but it can also be used as evidence for any criminal act.

Place your security cameras where it is well lighted and has a view of every angle at your store. This also provides 24/7 security.

You might also want to consider hiring security personnel that will protect the store from any burglaries.

9. Check Your Store For Any Other Possible Way In

It is necessary to evaluate and provide security measures around your business.

Check if there is still another possible way into your store. Evaluate every area and make sure to zero out conceivable theft actions.

If it’s possible, provide a watchdog or have a patrol officer to look out your store every now and then.

10. Get Help

If you have no clue on how to set up security cameras, install burglar alarms and locks, seeking help from an expert would be your best solution.

Ask help from a security officer whose expertise is in this area, so you will know which device is best for your store.


In conclusion, it is essential to know which of these tips will be workable and practical on your type of business.

Also, having the security equipment installed adequately at your store will do more prevention than just having the best device.

And lastly, seek advice so you will have an idea on which combination of security system will be beneficial for you.