PMP Certification Benefits for Organizations

While making a job search on online job board you can easily find that either the employers are asking for PMP certification as a necessity or a major preference.

This only defines that PMP has become the need of the hour if you want to be recognized globally. Many companies have even made it as criteria for promotions or performance evaluation.

Whether you are a Project Manager seeking a job, or you are a hiring manager, you know the weight-age a PMP certified Professional demands in the workplace.

Certified professionals are an asset to any organization. It is the largest and the most recognized certification and has found the most promising projects in almost every country. Not only for the organizations, but PMP certification has also benefited the people to get a salary hike which is almost 20 percent more than the non-certified employee.

Following are the reasons for such a huge demand and popularity of PMP in the job market:

Demands of the Customers

Whether one believes in the deep-seated values of PMP or not, but the fact remains that many reputed organizations and entities are demanding it. If the company you are working with is engaged in projects with the government sector, be it at the local or state level you might have come across the need of PMP certified professionals.

But, you should be very certain that this requirement cannot remain limited to government entities only. The private sector is competing in every way possible, and hence, they are demanding certified professionals in large numbers.

Speaking a Common Language

Project managers usually spend a large part of their time communicating with others. They need to instruct and transfer the information in the globally accepted terminology.

Also, team members can differ from project to project. This calls for the need for a generally accepted business language.

For instance, a PMP certified professional knows the difference between Procurement Performance Review and Procurement Audit and when each one should be conducted.

Having a team of professionals will eliminate the possibility of miscommunication, and also it will help to bring better outcomes from the project within the prescribed time limit and the estimated budget.

Motivated and Goal Oriented

Once you have successfully achieved this certification, you are considered as self-motivated and goal-oriented personality.


Employers prefer hiring employees who can go above and below the normal call for duty. Also, the professionals who have the capability to extend their boundaries when it comes to taking responsibility are preferred.

So, achieving a professional certification like the PMP can help the employers to feel attracted towards your caliber and offer you with lucrative salaries.

Earning your PMP certification requires lots of focus, commitment, and hard work other than the ongoing family obligations. Intelligent management of time is the key that can help you reduce the stress of the certification.

You might hear people calling this certification exam of high difficulty level, but if you are able to go through this phase successfully with all the other stuff in a smooth manner, you need to be recognized.

Managing the Projects in Structured and Repeated Fashion

Being a project manager you should be ready to expect the unexpected. The paramount lies in managing the challenges of every coming project with the same calm and proper strategies.

Though the projects are different, a professional has to look through the commons in these and design the frameworks using a standardized and repeatable process that are engrossed by experts all over the world.

The need for a common set of instruction globally cannot be underrated as when two different institutions are working on the same project in collaboration, then these instructions in a common language become vital.

For instance, take the case of risk management. You cannot afford to re-invent your approach for every project. It is for sure that the risks and responses will differ for every project, but your strategies to identify and analyze the risks shall remain the same.

By using the tools, documents, and processes by PMI you can manage the risks in an efficient and confident manner. Also, being a certified professional you can easily make sure that the partner organizations and the team members are kept on the same page when it comes to risk management and identification approach.

PMP Certification Measures your Intelligence

If nothing else, employers are very well aware that PMP is difficult. This multiple choice test has the capability to judge your potential as well as decision-making skills. Other than this, the certification exam successfully tests the two major aspects of being a professional that includes reading comprehensions and paying attention to details.

So, mere passing the exam has made you stand out of others in many respects.

See the Unforeseen

Unforeseen risks are the major factors that lead to the failure of any project and cause huge losses to the organizations.

It happens at times that the staff and the sponsors are not able to count on the risks while making and planning the project scopes. If in case, the project encounters any unexpected problem along the way the company might have to incur heavy losses.

A certified and trained professional takes all the risks into consideration during the process of planning and is ready to tackle the situations as and when it arises.

PMP certification is beneficial for both employees and employers.

There are certain features that one cannot attain simply by gaining the certification. Smart judgments, communication skills, and attention to details are some aspects that no certification can impart. These should be inbuilt and PMP can only polish your skills for the best.

Speaking of a common language and following a structured set of information add value to your skills.

This also helps organizations to collaborate with you in a more successful manner and bring out with projects at minimal risks.

Many major companies are demanding this as a core feature in your resume, so you cannot go against the trend if you wish to stay competitive.