How to reach the widest audience with your website in 2019

The last five years have seen a significant change in how websites market themselves; where once a website was considered an extension of the real-world brand entity, now more often than not websites exist as the whole of a business, and that means that how they increase their visibility has had to adapt to.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, has become a huge sector in its own right as more and more websites depend on coming out near the top of relevant searches for products in their sector.

After all, one of the huge benefits of appearing in an online search is that you already have an engaged audience: there’s no need to convince anyone that your product is interesting, only that it’s better than the alternatives.

Specialise, don’t generalise.

While many blogs, videos, and books have been published about the best way to do SEO, the basics are fairly simple. The first step is not to be too generalist. If you want to start a new online grocery, highlighting the words “online grocery” will land you somewhere near the bottom of the search results.

Whatever it is you specialise in, that’s where you need to target your SEO, and the fewer rival results that come up the better. This works particularly well with branding; if you can get your name out there, you’ll instantly come up higher on the list.

As with branding, so with keywords: if you can build them into as many sections of your site as possible – without making the content seem robotic – you’ll have that many more chances of hitting the search terms that will bring the most custom your way.

That counts for everything from content to file names.

Keep creating content.

Diversifying your content creation can also bring in a much wider audience than you might usually get.

As well as experimenting with different content styles, having guest-content from related (but not rival) companies is a great way to cross-pollinate your readership.

If they bring a loyal audience with them, there’s a reasonable chance you’ll be able to get some of them to stick around. It can also lend authority to your expertise, and raise your standing by association.

Social media is here to stay.

Social media has become one of the main ways that companies advertise to potential customers, and while there are many discussions about the best way to do it, there’s no doubting its potential.

The first step is to have some sort of social media presence; no matter the channel, it will be a convenient and organic way to spread your reach into a larger audience.

Bringing additional content to the party can also help – whether it’s interesting or funny or simply sharable, having popular content will help your reach significantly, and the possibility of going viral makes the relatively low costs of dedicated social media utterly worthwhile.


Lastly, make sure you’re visible to the maximum possible audience.

While targeted advertisements and strong SEO can bolster your visitor numbers, making sure that your website works on as many platforms as possible is essential for the best reach. If your site doesn’t work well on mobile, tablet, and desktop, you’ll have lost a significant number of your potential customers before you’ve even started.

Talk to a competent, professional web development company about how to ensure that your site is properly optimised and ready for 2020 and beyond.