Frugal Threads from Dollar Tee Company

One of the great things about being an entrepreneur is that you do what you love.

Your business is your life.  And the flip side of that is that you need to be as frugal in your personal life as in your business life—is there really any distinction?

Therefore, to help you with your overall frugality, let’s guide you toward some good products.  Today’s installation is all about t-shirts.  The Dollar Tee Company has no-logo t-shirts on a subscription basis that keeps prices completely frugal.

Plain Tees Are Plain Cool

Now, this is my personal bias, but I’m not a big fan of making myself into a walking billboard for some company, nor a walking message of any kind.  Besides, going plain leaves a lot to the imagination.  People can’t draw conclusions about you without getting to know you.

All of Dollar Tee’s tees are plain, with no company logo.

Join the Club

DTC is set up as a club-style service, in a way that’s really flexible.  Rather than having to sign up and/or pay a membership fee or commit to certain purchases, the customer joins the club by picking out a shirt. You then indicate how often you’d like the order to be sent on an ongoing basis.  This is where the savings come—there are shirts as affordable as $2 if you buy them subscription style. One-time purchases are available, if not frugal.

The Shirts

These no-logo tees come in a lot of varieties.  You have distressed cotton, distressed fashion, tri-blend and soft-style; women’s styles include v-necks, flowy crop-tops, and flowy tanks.  Unisex hoodies make the lineup too.

We here at Frugal Entrepreneur got a chance to try out some of these affordable garments.  My favorite was the distressed fashion tee.  The spun cotton is amazingly breathable, and the inside of the shirt feels kind of silky against the skin.  It’s built for a jog or a trip to the gym, yet comfy for sleeping in.

You also have the tri-blend supreme.  This is a thicker and super-sturdy shirt that’s right on for going downtown on a Saturday afternoon.  To me, it sits nice an light and loose, without any of that shoulder gripping or pinching you sometimes get from tees.

The soft style is aptly named, like all of DTC’s products, very comfortable, easily worth its gentle price.

The classic cotton is where the frugality really comes in, since these start at $2 with a club membership.

DTC isn’t trying to inflate prices by being in style, or to trick people into thinking a high price means status or coolness.  They’re an ally of yours, with a mission to provide needed goods at a smart price.