Reasons Why Beauty Ecommerce is a Good Business

If you love cosmetics, skin care products, and all forms of beauty and self-care then starting an online beauty shop may be the best option for you.

With so many products to choose from, one must first start by contacting a reliable wholesaler like Asian Beauty Wholesale then move to creating an online presence like creating a website.

While it may be time-consuming at first, starting your own online shop can bring several advantages like:

1. Turn your passion into profit

People who are not into makeup, skin care, and other personalized items may not find creating a beauty e-commerce engaging. This is of course only a matter of taste since not everyone has the same attitude when it comes to beauty products.

Nevertheless, for aspiring makeup artists, beauty bloggers, and people who just love to enhance their beauty with makeup, starting an online beauty business can be a great way to make your passion into profit.

After all, not everyone is lucky enough to have a job they truly love.

2. Fill a niche in the market

Considering that there are thousands of brands and products to choose from, one might think that there is stiff competition in the beauty industry with no room to spare.

While this is true, there are in fact, still countless of opportunities available regardless of how heavily saturated the market may seem.

One example is the fact that there aren’t nearly enough cruelty-free, vegan, or organic cosmetics brand. While they may be popular in the west and other first-world countries, users living in areas with little options to choose from  may find this a hindrance.

This situation can benefit you in a sense that you can start filling in this niche market by providing organic beauty products.

If you are still unsure on what niche to fill in, consider looking at the underrepresented demographics like users with dark skin, sensitive skin, and those with specific skin conditions that requires hypoallergenic makeup.

3. The beauty industry is recession-proof

No matter how much the economy suffers, women and other beauty enthusiasts always want to feel beautiful and gorgeous.

This claim was proven in 2001, where the sales of lipsticks soared to greater heights despite the September 11 attacks affecting other industries in the market.

This phenomenon, known as the “lipstick effect” is one example of how users continue to invest in affordable beauty items even during tumultuous periods.

In 2007, however, the lipstick phenomenon shifted to nail polish which more or less gained up to 65% increase in sales in mid-2008. This occurred during another economic recession.

While the beauty item shifted, there is no denying that people are willing to invest in affordable personalized items that help them get through tough times.

4. Create an extra income

Aside from turning your passion into profit, another reason why one should consider creating a beauty ecommerce site is to create some extra money.

Considering that most millennials nowadays are working with side jobs to make ends meet, starting an online shop can be a great way to make the rent without necessarily driving from one job to another.

Since most of your business matters will be conducted online, you can run your business practically anywhere with your laptop so long as you have stable internet connection as well as other handy gadgets.

5. Enhance your entrepreneurial skills

People who are on the fence on whether or not they should start an online business are still unsure if they make great entrepreneurs or not.

While one certainly won’t know until they try, creating an online business can be a great entry point for people who are still undecided about their skills.

In fact, some of the learning opportunities that creating an ecommerce site include:

  • Using minimal profit in starting a business compared to traditional brick-and-mortar shops;
  • Gaining access to various online resources that can help you enhance your skills;
  • The fact that you can work comfortably at home and at your own pace; and
  • Providing you with unique experiences on how to deal with customers and marketing

Plus other opportunities that can help you grow personally and professionally.

Considering that the world is more reliant on digital channels, it’s safe to say that an online shop has lower risks of failure compared to physical ones.


One of the best attributes in creating a beauty e-commerce site is providing people with a one-of-a-kind experience.

While the beauty industry is certainly saturated with thousands of products and brands, small time business owners can still make a profit if they combine hard work and creativity into the mix.