Five Black Hat SEO Techniques that are killing your Google Ranking

Search engine optimization in today’s online business world plays a crucial role in determining your search engine ranking.

A few years ago, getting the best search engine results or top ranking was much easier. However, the internet has attracted a large number of businesses in different niches.

Therefore, competition is tight. Along with that, SEO trends keep changing, and you need to understand what works best and what doesn’t.

Today, Google is always rolling out more and more updates, changes and algorithms for website/business owners.

This means that there are techniques that are not recognized by Google. You do not have to continue feeling the negative impact of black hat SEO techniques. 

They not only derail your growth but they also put you at risk of being penalized by Google.

Why should you avoid black hat SEO techniques?

Black hat SEO techniques as mentioned above can easily have your website penalized by Google.

This is based on the fact that they are aggressive strategies that lie to Google that your page is more relevant than others. Google will believe that your page should be ranked top yet it shouldn’t.

You should also avoid black SEO because it doesn’t follow the natural guidelines put in place by Google.

It is essential to note that Google doesn’t always give a list of SEO techniques to avoid and those to go for. It only states what it prefers for a top ranking.

This is done through;

  • Blog posts.
  • Press releases.
  • Interviews and other related content online and offline.

Therefore, black hat techniques go against the preferences of Google and by using such techniques, you can easily be penalized.

Keyword Stuffing

A few years ago, keyword stuffing was an amazing SEO technique that could easily rank you top in search engines.

Today, Google algorithms have been advanced and keyword stuffing is a technique to avoid. Google actively embarked on a program that detects pages that have stuffed keywords in 2012.

It penalized such pages because of;

  • Misuse of keywords.
  • Use of inappropriate keywords.
  • Placing keywords wrongfully in web content.

Therefore, if you are still using this strategy, it is time to change your techniques.

This is because you will rank low, and you can get penalized by Google and other search engines.

The best strategy is to use LSIs around your page as opposed to using the same keywords from top to bottom. You can always learn more about where and how to use LSIs online.

There are many tutorials that can help you make the most of this technique to improve your ranking.


Back in the days, cloaking was used to fool search engines. It is a technique that involves inserting content or script in your page that displays information to Google that is quite different from what web users get access to.

Google would rank top a website for the keywords because it considered them clean SEO pages.

However, such pages were full of;

  • Spammy content.
  • Flash installers.
  • Images that are not useful to web visitors.

Today, Google is highly advanced and its bots can easily detect such websites.

You cannot fool Google anymore as it can easily detect pages with worthless content.

Private Blog Networks

Private Blog networks also kill your Google ranking because they are low-quality blogs, content and poor links that point to a primary website.

Today, this is a popular technique based on the fact that it is easy for a blog to be penalized yet a website is not.

However, you should avoid using it because Google algorithms keep changing and Google bots can easily focus its attention on such sites.

Purchase of Irrelevant Links

SEO techniques keep changing and gone are the days when you would purchase any links that you come across.

Google and other dominant search engines value quality over quantity when ranking websites. For this reason, it is imperative that you focus more on building organic links.

Most importantly, ensure the number of links in your page is small and of the best quality.

Keep in mind that with many back-links from relevant websites, Google can still penalize you. This is because the search engine understands perfectly well that organic links cannot be built in a hurry.

Therefore, using too many back-links in a day is a black hat technique that kills your ranking. Such links are instantly detected by Google compared to other black hat SEO’s.

It is also important to note that purchasing back-links can be extremely harmful to your website.

This is because the links are random and may not necessarily be related to your niche. While they can be cheap, they can land you in a costly mess.


Click-baiting is a lighter version of cloaking and is commonly used in social media platforms. It involves the use of;

  • Falsified information.
  • Misleading videos and images.
  • Catchy headlines.
  • Irrelevant content aimed at attracting the attention of readers.

Click-baiting is often false information and cannot be confirmed. While it can generate mammoth traffic to your website and even have your website rank top, Google can easily detect such information and penalize your website.

In this light, it is important that you employ legit techniques of attracting traffic to your website and top ranking in search engines.

While black hat SEO techniques can generate amazing results in search engine ranking, they are very harmful.

The rewards are short term.  It is therefore essential that you use Google analytics tool to measure the performance of your SEO and start employing the right techniques for a top ranking.