Grow Your Brand Awareness Fast with Professional Article Writers

Building your brand awareness is one of the best ways to generate leads and build trust with your audience.

Obscurity is the biggest enemy of any business, and to increase your bottom line and keep your company afloat and thriving, you have to clear the fog of obscurity.

If you’re obscure and no one is talking about you or reviewing and rating your products and services, anyone who happens to stumble upon your business page will click away and head to your competitor. Why? Because without brand awareness, you have no social proof, and no one is going to trust you.

So, how can you build your brand awareness? You need to get seen on the search engine results page.

But, ranking on the SERPs takes time and dedication. To do it, you need to produce quality, keyword-optimized content that your customer’s and the search engines will love. As the busy owner of a growing business, you don’t have the time nor the specialized knowledge it takes to do this.

And if you were to embark on a do-it-yourself article writing strategy, you’re going to encounter a lot of frustration and waste your valuable time.

No one gets something right on the first try. It takes hours of tweaking and pivoting to get anything to work effectively and consistently, and improving your search engine ranking result and building your brand awareness is no different.

To save yourself time, frustration, and ultimately money, you’ll want to delegate this critical part of your digital marketing strategy to a professional; or better yet, a team of professionals.

Up to 80% of American consumers research a company online before they decide to buy. If your web page is way down at the bottom of the results page, or worse; completely non-existent, you’re clouded in obscurity. If no one can find your business, does it even exist?

In the eyes of your target audience, no, it doesn’t.

Almost the entire population of the United States makes online purchases. In 2018, you absolutely must have an online presence that ranks, and the most straightforward way to do that is with keyword optimized articles.

You may be thinking that pay-per-click ads are the easiest way to fight obscurity and get in front of qualified leads. While this is true to an extent, you’re failing to realize how that looks from the customer’s perspective.

Consumers have become increasingly annoyed with in-your-face, hard and sales-y pitches from businesses.

So, there is a slew of products on the market that consumers are using now that block pop-ups and advertisements while they’re browsing and shopping online. Customer expectations in 2018 are much higher.

Customers trust brands that solve their problems or speak to their specific pain-points with engaging content and not with hard and fast sales pitches as soon as they open their browser.

While your competitors are busy throwing money at expensive pay-per-click campaigns that need constant management, with professional article writing, you pay for the material once, and that’s it. It keeps drawing in leads and making money for you.

Professional creative content writerscan create evergreen content for your business.
Evergreen content is material that stays relevant and never gets stale. An example of an evergreen piece of content would be:

  • About us pages
  • FAQ pages
  • The company or owner’s story
  • Testimonials
  • How-to’s

A professional article writer knows how to craft engaging articles that will rank for your targeted keywords on the search engines. Furthermore, you can hire a team of professional article writers, so you’re producing consistent content fast. Pretty soon, your content will start to outrank your competitors on the SERPs.

So, if you want to beat-back online obscurity and reach your target audience quickly, hire a professional article writer. They’ll know exactly what to do to get your business to rank on Google and delight your target audience with engaging content that converts.