What’s Real Time Collaboration in Microsoft Office for Mac?

Microsoft always impresses consumers about their products. In the latest version of their Office, they add more exciting features which allows users to work in a much collaborative way, which they called real-time collaboration.

The newly introduced Microsoft Office for Mac is the Office 2016. According to some speculations, this version of Office is a lot better than the previous one.

It just proves that Microsoft is fulfilling their promise to give excellent services and high quality products.

How Real Time Collaboration Works with Mac?

The newest and more advanced feature added to Office 2016 is what they called real-time collaboration. It is the term used by experts which enables one or more users to communicate concurrently. In other words, several users can work on one project at the same time.

Every app in the Office has its tools and upgraded features. You can compare real-time collaboration as another form of group interaction. It involves immediate way of sending messages and another level of interaction with the use of real-time communication tools.

Microsoft’s update for Office 2016 brings a whole new experience for different types of users. Listed below are the advantages brought by the new update in Office:

Changes for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

  • The most notable upgrade here is the capability on real-time editing. When you upload a file in the drive, you can share it with someone else. Along the process of editing, you will see a thumbnail located in the upper right side of the sheet. It will allow you to see who is active at the moment and who are you working with. A flag icon will represent which part of the document the other user is working on.
  • Aside from that, the problem of unsaved files is now solved. If you are doing on your projects online, do punish yourself thinking if you save the file or not because Office 2016 has another brilliant feature added. Files stored in cloud once edited will automatically save every change that you made. You can also see the other changes made by the other users, and if you are not satisfied with the changes you can bring back the previous one.
  • For individual app like Word, it is a lot easier and accessible to see sites and other groups. You just need to look for representations that you saved in your most recently used groups or sites which can be found in the Open menu.
  • In Excel, they add new set of charts. An up to date type of Map chart is also added. It seems futuristic because it can change a given geographic data turn into a map.
  • Outlook also makes messaging more convenient with the help of Google Calendar. Deleted and archived messages can be tracked again without putting much effort.
  • Lastly are the PowerPoint updates. With the aid of QuickStarter, you can make a draft of the content you are going to work on including the subject and other important points. If you are confused about the changes that have been made by your other group mate, you can check it as well. Slides that have changes will be highlighted and you can assure that no one ruined the work of others. It also has basic editing tools for videos, which allows you to cut any part of a clip.

Mac Updated with Real-time Collaboration

Microsoft gives a fresh new look for group interaction. Real time collaboration adds a new exciting experience for many users especially for those who are in the corporate world. This type of communication can be really helpful for those who are engaged in affiliate marketing.

You can monitor your business with the use of data presented to you online and give feedbacks promptly.
Real-time collaboration offers a lot of new features which really helps users from their day to day routine up to their working habits. The bottom line is, it allows numerous numbers of users to work altogether and communicate in a much better way.

First, the files are accessible for different users even if they differ in location.
Second, they can exchange ideas without any interruptions to come up with a collaborative work.
Third, it works across different apps and eliminates gap between people.