How to Start a Parcel Delivery Company

In a day and age where a huge amount of shopping is carried out online for all kinds of products, the parcel delivery industry is experiencing a huge boom.

This could be a fantastic startup idea as, in addition to the steady demand for work, it can also be an affordable enterprise to start with little education or experience required. So, how can you go about starting your own parcel delivery company?


The most important aspect will be a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. In addition to being large enough to transport packages, you will also want a vehicle that is reliable, easy to drive and economical to keep running costs down. When shopping for suitable delivery vehicles, it is always best to shop in the used car market as there are many suitable vehicles found here for affordable prices. Not only this, you should always get vehicle valuations carried out by experts like Cap HPI to make sure that you are not getting overcharged.


In addition to a suitable vehicle or fleet of vehicles, you will also need a few pieces of equipment to run the operation. These will include a dolly, a set of ratchet straps and a business phone – this should provide you with everything that you need to get started.


It is, of course, essential that you get the proper licensing and registration before you can commence a business. This will involve setting up the business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company and checking to see if you need any other licenses or permits. You will also need to arrange insurance to cover the vehicle(s) and goods whilst they are in transit.


You should then begin to plan how you will run a profitable business. This will include carrying out market research, establishing prices, and identifying what hours and days each week you will work along with delivery boundaries. This will help you to identify expenses and how you can turn profit. You should also have a high-quality website designed and create social media channels – you can then begin marketing your business and growing your customer base.

Getting Started

It is then a matter of launching the company and getting started. You can now reach out to business contacts that you could make deliveries for and create pitches to show why they should choose you over the competition. It can be challenging at first, but once you have a few customers and take steps to increase brand awareness you should soon grow your business (provided that you are providing an excellent service at competitive rates).

This is how you go about setting up a parcel delivery company and this could prove to be a lucrative move with so much demand for work.