5 Tips For Successful Marketing Emails

Marketing emails are misunderstood and underestimated. While they may seem to be unwanted by recipients, the numbers tell a different story.

A Forrester report says that 4.2% of people who click on links to sites via emails make purchases–that’s compared to 2.5% from search engines and only 0.5% from social media.
So, don’t be down on marketing emails. Instead, use these tips to make them the very best.

1. Personalized Subject Line – Not only should a subject line be catchy and attention-grabbing, it should be personalized. You may choose to use the recipient’s name, or refer to a product they previously clicked on if applicable.

2. Brief Content – Let customers know you are focused. Give them one or two points, features, services, or opportunities to focus on.

3. Visuals – Marketing is all about winning a customer over, bringing them over to your side. Striking photos and videos, or possibly even infographics, can do this. Entertain your customers, motivating them to open any email you send.

4. Call to Action – This is what makes the reader decide either to click on a link or not–it’s the bottom line. It’s important that a call to action spring naturally from the information in the email. If you are highlighting the organic nature of your product, for example, the click button may be labeled “live organically.” If your service is internet security, it may be “protect yourself.” This is giving the potential customer a value proposition, which is meant to naturally motivate her in a way that “buy” or “shop” will not.

5. Analytics – Analyzing your data goes beyond just knowing how many times your link was clicked and how many sales it led to. In fact, it should go beyond just listing results and into the realm of testing.

Multivariate testing is an advanced form of A/B testing, looking at multiple variables in your different approaches to compare them for success. Now, don’t be afraid that you’d have to do these things by yourself, since companies such as Clickconsult at https://click.co.uk/ can handle it for you. A scientific approach will, in the long run, save you time and headaches.

At the end of the day, you get out of email marketing what you put into it. Working smart and enthusiastically, and following these guidelines, will make your campaigns much more successful.