Why Cloud-Based Asset Management is Great for your Company

The term ‘the cloud’ is banded about a lot in today’s day and age. This has been particularly prevalent in business, especially when it comes to IT and technology.

It’s big business now, with many companies adopting the new way of working. In fact, in a poll issued in 2016, it was found that 41% of business surveyed were planning to expand on their cloud technology spending. Of this, 51% of midsized companies, and 35% of smaller companies, said they intended on increasing their cloud spend.

Delve deeper into the survey, and you’ll find that the economics and convenience of cloud computing, was why 64% of the companies were looking to increase the cloud computing services budget.

As you can see, the cloud is becoming an increasingly important business asset, especially for companies utilising asset management software, which is why many companies like SSG insight are here to help.

But what is it, and how does it work and help?

What is a Cloud Based System?

This is a combination of applications, service and resources that are made available to users via the internet. This is done through a cloud computing services system.

These systems are used by companies to help increase capacity, enhance functionality, or add additional on demand services. Although you’ve always been able to do things like this in business, cloud-based system offer a much cheaper alternative due to them coming without expensive infrastructure costs, or having to train staff on how to use them.

They are proving to be great for business where employees work remotely, or are constantly on the go. But how can they help with assets?

Cloud-Based Asset Management Software

One of the key perks of an online based system such as the cloud, is that it allows companies to look after their assets, and inventory records much easier.

While companies previously relied on employees to make quick decisions based-on real-time data, the instant access to all of this information is allowing businesses of all sizes, within every industry, to look at all of their data, at any time, anywhere. This is obviously extremely helpful for the business as it delivers immediate results, while the fact that it’s hosted within the cloud brings down the cost, and removes the need for maintenance of owning a server.

Alongside the fact that these asset management systems are helping companies to operate efficiently, track more accurately, and report easier, they’re also helping in other ways. These include:

  • Saving on time and money
  • Gathering better information
  • This leads to better decision making
  • Helping to eliminate lost records
  • Keep information stored in one location
  • Provides all the information you need on your assets
  • Keeps data secure
  • Allows instant data access
  • Removes the difficult of asset management

So, if you’re looking for ways to help improve your business, and help it run more efficiently, then maybe it’s time to take a look at a cloud-based system, and everything that it can help you with. After all, it’s your business that’ll benefit in the long run.