How to Find Investors for Startup

Are you looking for investors for your startup? It may not be easy for us to find suitable investors until or unless we have an idea of what types of investors will suit our business the most and how to get them engaged.

As a new businessman, you may have short of funds, but that does not mean your business would not grow. You just need to take the right start and focus on finding potential investors from across the globe.

Types of Business Investors

When you try to find investors online, you should first learn about their types so that you can get in touch with the right person. Basically, the business investors are of five types: bankers, peer-to-peer lenders, personal investors, angel investors and venture capitalists. You can choose a person according to your desires and business requirements.

The best idea is, however, to contact personal investors. It is too easy to get in touch with personal investors and they usually do not have very high expectations. Funds from this type of investors can be used to launch new products and services, expand your business and upgrade supplies or equipment.

The first thing is to sit with them and make things clear. If they show some interest, then they may give you some money to get started with. Once they see good returns, they may give you a lot more money in the next stage, so you would have to be honest and show sincerity to keep them intact throughout the business.

How to Attract Investors for a Start-Up Business?

Where can I find investors? You can find them both online and offline, and there are certain ways to attract them. Some of the best ways are mentioned below.

1. Provide proper details regarding your business

According to EssayZoo, you should provide the investor with proper details about your business. There is no need to hide something from them, which may put them in doubt later on. In fact, you should spare some time to discuss official matters with them and clarify your business policies and terms and conditions.

2. Find them through mentors

If you have some industry mentors, then attracting investors for your startup business will be quite easy. But if you don’t have any mentor, then you should connect with a few people belonging to your industry and spend several months with them.

Once you start learning from their experiences, you may ask them to refer you to some investors. Private investors, as already mentioned, are far better than other types of investors because they are easy to reach and can be convinced without any extra effort.

3. Use social media websites

How to find investors to start a business? claims that you can easily find potential investors on social media especially Facebook and LinkedIn. They might have developed professional networks you can easily join. On Facebook, a large number of communities are devoted to investors and startups; these are a good place to get started with.

Join as many social media communities and groups as possible and communicate with bankers or investors on a regular basis. Make them understand that your business can give excellent benefits in a long-run if the sufficient number of products and services are launched in a timely manner. Similarly, LinkedIn has a large number of professionals who interact with each other and discuss business. You can connect with several professional marketers and investors on this platform and develop a strong relationship.

Once your reputation is built, you can request them to invest in your business based on their interests and expectations.

4. Apply to accelerator programs

These programs are offered by investment companies, colleges, and universities. Some established entities also come up with multiple accelerator programs with an aim to connect investors with that of businessmen.

It is a good idea to apply to such programs as your chances of getting a loan or an investor will be significantly high. To be assured of your success, you need to make sure that the application form is fully filled and no section contains incorrect information.

Most of the applications are rejected when the businessman provides with fake details. In the United States, the best and most competitive accelerator programs are TechStars and YCombinator. Their success rate is high, and they provide their customers with plenty of facilities and opportunities to grow.

It’s safe to say that an accelerator program is the best way to meet new people, genuine industry leaders, mentors, and investors. The more you interact with people, the higher will be your chances of getting investment for your business.


You should bear in mind that every investor has his own expectations and desires. You may not be able to convince all of them or come up with their expectations.

So, the best way to save your time and energy is to contact one investor at a time and discuss business.

If they show no interest, then you may move on with the next potential investors to increase your chances of getting success.