5 Ways To Lessen Packaging Costs Of Your Business

The task of reducing packaging costs is one of the factors that bother some manufacturers –precisely the ones who are spending relatively high on packaging.

Without any skepticism, a manufacturing company is not on a good revenue standard if it can’t keep its packaging costs far below revenue.

Some manufacturers try as much as possible to make overall packaging costs equal only 10% of total revenue without adopting a low-quality packaging option. This is a great idea and it’s not far from possible although any manufacturer who desires such must be ready to put a few important things together.

In this article, we shall be discussing the 5 ways manufacturers can lessen packaging costs.

Finding Out the Most Important Aspect of Your Packaging

Believe it or not, some aspects of your packaging are much more important than others. Verily, some aspects of packaging will boost the marketing standards of your products while certain others might only add to the beauty of these products.

One great way to lessen your packaging costs is to determine and focus more on the packaging aspect that improves the performance of your products.

Meanwhile, you should spend less on the aspect that only adds beauty to the design of your products. If you’re very candid about the packaging aspect that’s really productive in terms of returns, you’ll pay more attention to it and this will, in turn, reduce the inordinate costs you may have been spending on the aspects that are less important.

Making a Research on the Available Packaging Options

It’s very obvious that the market has got to offer a variety of packaging options. New trends, technologies and innovations are creeping in and as such, new packaging options are gradually displacing the old ones. As a shrewd manufacturer, you need to think about the packaging option that will not only appeal to the fancy of your customers but also require spending less.

Adopting Flexible Packaging

Considering the fact that there is need to spend less on packaging and still get a quality design that appeals to customers’ preferences, many companies are now embracing the idea of flexible packaging. Unlike several other packaging options, flexible packaging requires the use of ultra-thin materials that are cheap but attractive in design.

Besides helping to attract customers towards your products, flexible packaging can go extreme miles to protect your products, keep their freshness intact for a long period and reduce your overall packaging costs. Another major advantage of flexible packaging is that it can be recycled easily, making it a reusable packaging option.

Flexible packaging companies offer cost effective packaging solutions to small businesses looking for good quality packaging. Coffee bean packaging is a great example of how effective packaging can be when packaged with flexible packaging materials.

Seeking Discounts on Packaging Orders

Don’t be shy about request discounts from your packaging supplier. Probably, you aren’t getting discounts on packaging materials because you neither request for them nor buy in bulk.

If you’re out rightly satisfied with the design a supplier’s packaging materials are yielding, you still need to cut back on your packaging costs by taking advantage of trade discounts.

Doing this is quite simple. Just inquire from your supplier the quantities of packaging materials you need to purchase to get huge discounts. If you’re getting a discount of 30% for buying in bulk, you need nobody to tell you that you’re already reducing your packaging costs.

Testing Your Desired Packaging Design

In this regard, you’re advised to test various packaging designs and see the one(s) that can protect your products from damage probably when being handled or transported.

You should consider if the desired packaging design will protect your products from compression, vibration (while being conveyed) and the effect of unexpected drops.

Bearing this tip in mind will ensure you’re moderating your packaging costs by opting for only the packaging design that will meet all your demands.