How Your Cover Letter Sets You Apart from the Competition

While your resume markets your specific skill set, qualifications, and career experiences, you cover letter is what sets you apart from the competition.

In 2017, the job market had one of its biggest growth years since the housing market recession of 2008, and it’s projected to continue to grow throughout 2018.

Although it’s a hot market, competition is still incredibly fierce. For every open position posted in 2017, there were an average of 250 applicants. The subsequent numbers get even more obscene—only 2% of those applicants will actually get an interview.

With such tight competition in the job market, how can you stand out amongst a sea of other qualified applicants?

The secret is in your cover letter.

Even if you have a meatier resume than the next applicant, it’s not the first thing a recruiter will see when they peruse the pile of resumes on their desk or desktop. They have no idea how to assess your skills or the next person’s without delving into each individual resume, and this takes time, especially if there is a stack of 250 resumes they need to sort through for every available position. The first thing a recruiter is going to see and read is your cover letter.

Human beings take an average of 17 milliseconds to form an initial impression of a person, place, or thing. Basically, you have an incredibly short window of opportunity in which to make a good first impression with a recruiting agent.

Your cover letter needs to grab their attention, so they are compelled to open your resume and see your qualifications. If your resume is kept up-to-date, it will require minimal tweaking throughout your job search.

All you need to concentrate on is the cover letter, since that’s what’s going to pique the recruiter’s interest for each specific company and position. If you can craft a compelling, attention-grabbing, and concise cover letter, you’ve gotten through the first obstacle in this hyper-competitive job market.

But how can you craft a powerful cover letter?

The short answer is, unless you have professional writing experience, your cover letter probably won’t stand out from the crowd.

Writing is a skill, and with something as short and punchy as a cover letter, it takes a specific set of expertise and qualifications to get the formula right. Without a winning cover letter, your resume is going to be relegated to the dust heap.

A cover letter needs to state your resume in shorter form, while also conveying why you want to work for the company, and why they should want to hire you. It takes time to research the company’s background, culture, and what kind of employee they want to add to their organization.

Since you’re spending a lot of time updating your skills and making yourself attractive to job prospects, you’re going to be short on the time it takes to adequately research the company for your cover letter. In addition, unless you have writing experience, crafting an effective cover letter can be an exercise in frustration.

So, how can a professional cover letter writing service help?

They will take the time to research the company you wish to work for and the position you want so you continue positioning yourself for better, more enjoyable employment. Instead of spending your precious, dwindling time stressing out about the job search and how to formulate that winning cover letter, which is going to get your foot in the door, let a professional handle it for you.

They know exactly how to craft a concise, engaging cover letter that’s going to make you sound polished and professional.

Not many people understand the importance of having a stellar cover letter ‘sell’ them to a prospective employer. With your professional cover letter, you’ll stand out from the competition.

With over 250 other resumes you need to compete with on your job hunt, you’re going to need to differentiate yourself somehow and you can do that with a high-quality, professional cover letter writing service today.