6 Newest Technological Advances Your Dentist Might Offer

The world of dentistry has changed drastically over the past several decades. New technologies are allowing patients to sit back and relax in the dentist chair without fear of the drill.

Gone are the days when you had to suffer through the bi-annual exam or wait for a cavity to surface to be corrected. Today, dentistry is all about prevention and early detection thanks to the modern marvels of science.

Thanks to these six advances in dental technology, oral health has never been so manageable.

1. Cavity detection lasers

The dentist used to have to take a pick and poke from one tooth to the next to try to spot vulnerabilities in the tooth and identify a forming cavity. Lasers are now doing away with the poke and pick method. A diode laser can be used to not only to eliminate the discomfort of the pick, but to find cavities more quickly.

Lasers can also reduce tooth sensitivity, fill cavities, whiten teeth and eliminate tumors. The dentist can also use the laser to find out how far the cavity has made its way into a tooth without the need to go exploring, thereby saving the patient from pain.

2. Better x-ray technology

Although digital x-rays are nothing new to dentistry, they have slowly begun to replace radiographic x-rays. With digital x-rays, the radiation levels for patients are about 90 percent less than with radiographic x-rays. Additionally, the digital x-ray can be transferred to a computer screen immediately, making your dental visits much faster.

The information is then stored on the drive and can be accessed by several dental professionals if needed, without having transfer any physical files. The best part is that digital x-rays cost a fraction of what radiographic x-rays used to cost.

3. Computer-Aided Design Technology (CAD)

In the past, if you needed something like a crown, the dentist would have to take an impression of your teeth and have a mold built to form a temporary replacement. Then a lab would have to go to work creating a permanent crown to fix your prepared tooth.

With the use of a CAD machine, your crown can be created in the office without all the hardships of sending things off to the lab or the inconvenience of the time that it takes to do so.

An orthodontist has access to and the expertise to use even better technology than this. With an additional two to three years of training after dental school, orthodontic offices are at the cutting edge of dental technology.

4. Thin veneers

If you have a crooked or cracked tooth, veneers are a great way to hide it. The old veneer material was cumbersome and couldn’t take much wear and tear. New, thinner and more durable veneers are lasting longer and looking more real than previous materials. They look just as good as your original teeth and can take just as much abuse, which means that you don’t have to have them replaced frequently.

5. Bond and filling material

There has been a lot of questions about the safety of silver amalgam material over the past several years. It is formed with a mixture of metals, one of which is mercury and is known to be a health hazard.

New filling and bonding materials are not only stronger and more aesthetically pleasing, but they don’t come with any health risks. With these new materials, your tooth color can be matched more perfectly when you have a veneer or need a replacement tooth. Additionally, the resin used to make a permanent false tooth is now more durable and looks more realistic than ever before.

6. Better sedation methods

New oral sedation medications are allowing anyone who is feeling a little anxious to sit back and rest easy in the doctor’s chair. You can take the new medications to help keep you comfortable before you get to the dentists in Winnipeg office. The best part about these new sedation methods is that you don’t need an anesthesiologist, and the sedatives don’t come with the same risks as the other types of sedation methods that have been used in the past.

Gone are the days when going to the dentist was something to fear. New technological advances such as LED surgical headlights are making a trip to the dentist quick, anxiety-free and way less expensive than in previous years. Ask your dental professional today about all the great new ways they can enhance your smile.