19 Tools To Audit Your Assignments Before Submission

Writing and research is a part and parcel of every student’s life but it requires abilities and hard work to make one good piece.

Your grammar, vocabulary and research qualities have to be on point. Most of the time students hate to write and research. They don’t have any motivation to complete their assignments and projects.  As a result, they fail assignments or get low grades.

Are you also unhappy with writing errors and low grades? Don’t worry! We have a number of tools for you to avoid writing errors and audit your assignment before submission.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an online tool that helps in creating perfect sentence structure and rectifies the grammar mistakes in your assignment.

2. Citation Machine

This attractive web device is intended to help the students rapidly in referencing their work properly. It gives different sources to cite in the assignments.

3. Word Counter

Sometimes, students and writers had to write up to a certain limit. It is difficult to count each word. A word counter is an amazing tool that helps students to count their words of the assignments. This tool is also perfect for people who have a habit of using certain words a lot.

4. Kings Essay

Essay writing is an important task to do by the students and sometimes by writers as well. They are required to write on a vast range of topics. King’s essay helps you in writing unique and exceptional essays. You can buy essay here as per your requirements.

5. Copyscape

In any event, you are required to check your written work and check whether it is authentic or not. Copyscape is the tool you require. It compares your written work with the writings existing on the web already. It gives you the percentage of the originality and creativity your content has.

6. Thesaurus

At times you need a synonym of a word in order to make your content more stylish and appealing. In such circumstances using this tool is a good decision. All you have to do is simply type a word in the search bar and you will get lists of synonyms of that word. It also defines the meaning of the word. So, basically, it’s an online dictionary as well.

7. Language Tool

Language tool is an online instrument that helps you in checking spellings, syntax error, and facility of word counter for more than 20 languages. This tool is very helpful when you are writing an essay in a foreign language and want to be perfect in that.

8. Proof Read

Proof Read is a free, smart and an amazing online tool that helps in checking your assignment for any grammatical mistakes, wrong sentences structure and also checks it for plagiarism. It provides editing services as well. If you buy dissertation online then it is a good option to proofread it.

9. Read-write Think

As the name suggests, this tool does all the three things for you. It enhances all these three skills and is considered perfect for students who have a lot of assignments to write.

10. Google Docs

This is a free spreadsheet and a form application by Google that helps in making and editing documents

11. Paper Rater

It is an amazing tool developed to check your grammar, spelling mistakes and style of writing. No registration or download is required. It also gives you the services of plagiarism checking.

12. Bibme

Making citations has to be done by all the students. This tool comes to rescue students in making citations in order to make sources. This tool helps in finding sources for students. Along with others, it supports APA and MLA style of referencing. It supports sources among journal article and books etc.

13. 123writings

It is an online proofreading and editing tool along with some other tools too. There are professionals who are native English speakers who edit your work properly.

14. Mindmup

It is difficult for some people to execute their concepts into words, they have great ideas are creative with their thoughts but cannot write. This tool is helpful for such kinds of people. It helps students in writing according to their thoughts.

15. Brainly

It is a tool with the knowledge of different subjects like chemistry, math, history, English along with other subjects. It helps in making the difficult projects easy to understand and allows you to take part in different study groups.

16. Readable.io

This tool is suitable for marketing experts. It helps the marketers or students in marketing make their content more readable and appealing. Sometimes long, boring, repeating and complex content is very difficult or tiresome task for your teacher. It can affect your performance overall. Obviously, nobody wants to waste their time in that. If your content is complex this tool will help you in making it more readable.

17. Paraphrase

Plagiarism is just like a curse in a student’s life. It has to be avoided and removed at any cost. In order to remove plagiarism, paraphrasing is important. However, paraphrasing of long assignments is a time-consuming task. If you want to take help from others work, and you are not allowed to copy paste it, then this tool is here for you. It’s simple, paste a text or part of that piece into this tool and it will paraphrase for you.

18. Big Assignments

When you have to read and edit assignments that are lengthy, then you think twice before even starting it. Of course, it is a tiresome task and even takes a lot of your time. If this is the situation than simply send your essays to this tool and the professional editors will proofread it for you, find out your mistakes (if any) and send you a complete edited work.

19. Vocabulary

There are many people out there who want to enhance their vocabulary. This tool helps them all. They have a series of games in which you have to compete for that result in expanding your vocabulary.

As mentioned, there are a lot of tools that help students in completing their assignments and make it more appealing and attractive.