Best business to start in 2018

Thinking about starting your own business in 2018? Given the decline in job opportunities, many individuals are forced to examine the meaning of real value in regards to time spent.

There are many ways a small, home based startup business can capitalize on this. Whatever business you have decided to start, there are some common denominators you need to factor in to ensure that the business you start is one of the best business to start in 2018.

Every now and then there is a major change in trend that will help you create a new business or a new platform that will help you revive an old business model. The new businesses that thrive will surely be the ones that make use all of the available tools. There are several up-and-coming trends that can be valuable in your quest to find that Million Dollar Idea that will turn your dream of a home business into one of the best business to start in 2018.

Capital is not as important

First, don’t let a lack of startup money deter your dreams. There are many success stories out there of people starting with less than $1,000 and turning large profits in a few months. Having a specific idea of the market niche or service gap you’d like to fill is very important to financial success.

Social Media:

It is important to use any potential tool or technique to good effect in order to ensure that your new business is able to make the cut. One of the best of these is a very powerful tool that you’re probably already aware of – social media. Turning a part of your everyday life into a key component of your home business is a huge benefit.

You’re probably already spending part of each day using social media, so why not make it profitable? The daily increase in social media use facilitates this in many ways. Connecting to a shared interest group is a great way to adapt whatever time you have for the most optimal activity. It can work hard for your business if you let it.

Being familiar with social media is a key skill in the current small business environment.

The increasingly ubiquitous “Like” sticker, stand-up or poster is not just there to take up space. Most potential customers who use social media, use it often. More than 50% of adult social media users check their smartphone or tablet at least once during every hour that they are awake!

So, if you want your startup to stay up, you should take advantage of the powerful customer building trends of this type. Many merchants offer some customers a small incentive to people who ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ and update, with a small percentage discount or a small free gift (a sample of a product, which could lead to future sales) included with any order.

Everyone loves a discount or a freebie, and this sort of immediate feedback pays off in the long term, as well.

Real Life Impact:

Goods and services found locally enhance a sense of ‘neighborhood’ life – a value that many people are realizing has barely been a factor in the past few decades. This is changing daily life and day-to-day business for the better.

Let’s examine some business ideas that can be among the best business to start in 2018.

Food Preparation

Our world has become inundated with fast food, chain restaurants and pre-packaged food items. There is a lot of concern developing over the destruction of natural resources, chemicals going into food and water, and quality that seems to decrease with every passing year.

Many people want to get back to eating food that is made with high-quality ingredients by someone who actually cares about what they are making, and puts thought and care into every bite that passes through their kitchen. Most folks want to eat great food that they know came from a good source.

If you’ve got a talent with food and the skills to get things done quickly and efficiently without losing out on quality, a food preparation business could be the one for you.

There are a lot of different specialty market niches to exploit here. Just pick the one you’ve got the most skill and interest for, and your fledgling startup will be flying high in no time.

Candy, cookies and cakes aren’t health food, but that doesn’t mean they have to be filled with unpronounceable ingredients. If you use high quality materials, perhaps go all the way and use organic flour, free range eggs, homemade extracts, or even specialize in allergy-specific areas such as Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free or Vegan, you’ve got ever-increasing niche markets just waiting for your goods.

Catering is another way to go for a food preparation business, with increasing trends in food trucks and cooking parties, there has never been a better time to get into this niche.

Food trucks (or carts) are popping up more and more in cities all across America. A tiny restaurant on wheels, with a specialized theme (soups and stews, pastas, salads, burgers and fries Thai, Italian, Egyptian – pick what you’re best at and run with it).

Cooking parties are a growing idea for small groups of friends to get together, learn something new, get some ‘hands on’ experience with their food, and finish off by eating a delicious meal that they prepared (with your supervision) for themselves. One of the most intriguing possible variations here is the skilled chef who prepares and serves a fine meal with top shelf ingredients, right in the customer’s home. This means a busy family or couple can have a restaurant quality meal without the hassle of going out. Food preparation can definitely be one of the best business to start in 2018

Furniture and Decorations from Re-claimed Objects

A lot of folks have a spot in their home that is just too small or oddly placed for a standard piece of furniture to fit, and no one wants to waste space. A custom shelving unit is a great idea, but most people don’t have the time, skills or tools to make something that looks good and has a function.


Scrap wood from constructions sites, cut-offs from a marble store, empty glass bottles in a variety of colors. All of these items can be re-purposed into beautiful and interesting end tables, clocks, shelves, lamp stands. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. You can make a living from working with your hands and help improve your local environment at the same time. Reduce, reuse and recycle isn’t just the slogan on that green bin in your yard. It’s a fact of life. If you can turn it into a way to make money, so much the better!

Handmade Crafts

People are tired of big business selling them the same things that ‘everyone else’ is wearing, using, or decorating with. They want something unique and interesting. Something that shows the quality, care, and skill that went into making it.

Something that will make them smile every time they use it or someone else asks them about it. There is also a large segment of the population – one that is growing at a fast pace – that wants to support small businesses rather than shoveling money into the pockets of mega-corporations.

If you’ve got a talent for making interesting scented candles, beautiful jewelry, natural soaps and bath products, spinning wool, knitting or crocheting, making wooden toys, or mixing scents into wonderful perfumes, you ‘ll be able to find customers who will not only buy your products, but spread the word to their friends, family and co-workers about where to get it.

The growing number of ‘makers’ in America is creating a trend that is hard to ignore. Small craftspeople, working form distributed shops, are producing a vast array of fine products with a level of quality not seen in far too long.

Local groups often band together, to create tool banks and shared workspaces that mean much better access to professional grade tools, not to mention a community of like-minded individuals comparing notes, increasing the skill of all those involved.

The rise of

3D printers

is a trend that is gaining large scale popularity at an ever-increasing rate, especially with those who have an interest in cutting edge technology. These fantastic tools are more affordable than ever before, and easier to use than you might think.


A printer that makes a hard copy of an item you’ve imagined might seem like something from a Sci Fi move, but it’s not. This technology is here to stay and growing exponentially.


The collectibles market is great example of a hobby that can turn into a career. If you’ve got a tremendous body of knowledge about baseball cards, Mickey Mouse watches, Barbie dolls, or any one of a large number of Science Fiction areas such as Star Trek, Star Wars, and Babylon 5, an online collectibles shop could make you a very nice living from working within your own fan base group.


E-shops have little overhead – mostly just the electricity and internet usage for a laptop – and that collection is worth more online than it is sitting in boxes in a garage.

To someone just starting a hobby collection or someone who wants to fill in the gaps of an existing collection, an online collectibles shop could seem like finding a hidden treasure without having to battle pirates to get it.

Events Coordinator

There are dozens of possibilities here, from DJ-ing Sweet Sixteen parties to touring your home town’s hidden treasures.

What if you have a great area for wineries or breweries? Become a tour driver! No one wants to have a bunch of tipsy tourists cruising around in a rental car, so here’s an opportunity.

Escort a group on a fun drive to scenic locations, while imparting your local knowledge, and get paid for the effort.


If you’re an ace at organizing parties, maybe that’s the job for you. A well-organized event is a much better day for everyone involved.

People are willing to pay a bit more for the satisfaction that comes from supporting a local business or craftsperson. This reinforces the market factors that allow local, small business owners to thrive.

One aspect of financial pressures keeping families from the more traditional vacation excursions is an increased need for local entertainment options. If taking the kids to the shore or the mountains isn’t an option, some other plan must be found. Local socializing is far more preferable than a pile of movies and video games, for many reasons

Structured group activities, such as scavenger hunts or hikes to the nearest park, allow for a family or group of families to engage their kids in a dynamic environment. The increased social contact is of particular value, as is the bonding aspect of competition.

Being a group organizer and matching up clients to providers, is a great niche, and one that will certainly be an expanding market and can likely be one of the best business to start in 2018

Gardening and Produce

Saving money on bills, eating better and starting a business – what if you could combine all three of these into one effort? If you have the space, you might be able to turn that empty yard into an opportunity. Home grown vegetables taste better and provide a great variety of possibilities for an ambitious individual with a green thumb.


Many more people are becoming interested in local foods and organic produce, these days. Farmers markets and produce stands, even in the midst of big cities, are becoming increasingly popular.

Using a few simple techniques and a little bit of planning, you could take advantage of this opportunity. Join a garden club and a seed bank, where you can trade ideas and seeds, to get everything you need for a good selection of products.

A home garden done-for-you as a service also has tremendous potential. You can end up working out an arrangement with neighbors who have extra garden space, but not the time or skill to grow a crop in their yard, in exchange for some of the yield or a flat fee to manage their home gardens.

Canning, pickling and preserving surplus produce can even provide you with an income when the growing season is done, so you don’t have to go for months without an income.

These were our ideas for the best business to start in 2018 and we hope reading this article has inspired you and helped you select your own idea.