Why is my printer producing faded pages?

Why is my printer producing faded pages?

Without doubt, one of the most irritating things that can occur when you’re printing urgently required documents, is professional media being effected by faded printing toner.

This problem is also known as “printer ghosting” and usually occurs with laser printers. Faded pages are produced when the toner is considerably lighter, almost unreadable, than the copy on your computer screen.

Ghosting can occur for a number of reasons, with most of these issues happening with older printer models. Read on to discover how you can stop your office printer from producing faded printing jobs.

How does this issue occur?

If you notice your printer is ghosting, don’t worry, chances are that your printer isn’t broken. This happens for numerous reasons and can be resolved by simple repair and replace jobs around different areas of your printer.

In most cases ghosting is caused by damage to either the drum or fuser unit, which doesn’t allow the toner particle to heat up and perform to its most accurate quality.

As time surpasses and more toner is used, the quality of your prints will worsen. This makes it hard to spot ghosting until it’s a big problem.

Refer to your printer manual which has guidelines and a diagnostic ruler that highlights how you can become aware when your printer or colour printer is ghosting and not just running out of toner.

Below, we’ve highlighted the four most common reasons behind the production of faded pages.

Printer paper

Besides problems with the drum and fuser units being the most common reasons for fading, the paper you store in your office printer could be the issue.

Some printer paper isn’t compatible with laser printers, especially if it’s too thick or thin. However, all it needs is a simple readjustment in the settings of your all in one laser printer, if that’s the type you use in your office, and this will stop toner and supplies being wasted.

Drum Unit

One of the most prominent areas which can affect printing quality, the drum unit holds the components that transfers toner onto your documents.

If your drum unit is new then the likelihood is that the toner may be the issue, however if your printer is fairly old, then you might have to replace the drum unit with a new one to resolve this issue.

You should check the guidelines on your manufacturers handbook to work out exactly what the issue is, and if you can resolve it yourself or if you need professional help.

Fuser Unit

The fuser unit of the printer is the area where your toner is heated.

Ghosted documents can be caused due to the toner not being heated up enough to be printed on paper accurately or prominently. This issue can also cause the toner to work ineffectively.

If you have a modern printer then you could potentially change the heat settings via the navigation panel, but if your model does not have this functionality then you’re going to have to have the fuser unit repaired by a professional.

The majority of laser printers, such as the Samsung CLP-680ND, must be stored at room temperature to ensure the toner works to the best of its ability.


An issue that’s not known by all owners, is how essential it is that you keep your printer in conditions which allow its components to work efficiently.

The machine has to be kept in a dry room as the toner can be affected by humidity, and this may give it a clumpy texture.

By keeping your printer clean, you’re going to lessen your chances of ghosting or any other faults occurring. Dust is another factor behind faded pages as it can stop toner leaving the drum unit.

If you need further assistance with any ongoing issues concerning your printer, get in touch with your manufacturer today and they can assist you with any problem you have.