How to Make Your Small Business Appealing to Millennials

For most companies, the target customer base would be made up largely of millennials.

However, millennials are not just customers for businesses these days. If you run a business, chances are that most of your employee base will be from this generation. Millennials are not like their parents. Most of the things that appealed to the post-WWII generation don’t appeal to millennials.

If you want your business to be lucrative, you will absolutely need to hire millennial employees. To make sure you end up with the best of the best, you will have to make sure your workplace is something that would actually appeal to a millennial worker. Here are several tips that will make your small business more appealing to millennials:

Have a Strong Policy in Place to Ensure a Tolerant Workplace Culture

Millennial workers, regardless of the walk of life they come from, will expect to be treated with dignity and respect at the workplace. They will be far less likely than their adult counterparts to be just “okay” with intolerant workplaces, such as those rife with harassment, verbal abuse, and sexism. Therefore, they will look to see what the company culture is like. If you want to attract good millennial workers, have a strong company work ethic policy at hand.

Offer Advice and Assistance

Millennials are more insecure than their adult counterparts. Most millennials grew up in an educational system that weighs on theories, and not actual, real-life experiences. So don’t be surprised to see millennial employees who don’t quickly get on with the system. Many will need guidance and training from employers, says veteran entrepreneur John R. Burgess. This will, of course, depend on the profession as well. However, be prepared to offer millennial workers advice so they can get used to the work environment.

Offer Long-Term Financial Perks

Unlike in the 80s, when the mindset was that “greed is good,” millennials are not working out of short-term financial interest. Most millennials graduated during the Great Recession period. So, millennials are looking for long-term financial stability when they sign a contract with an employer. They would, of course, expect fair pay. But millennials would be concerned about things like pensions and financial incentives in the future as well. Almost three-quarters of millennials want to be able to save to enjoy their preferred lifestyle. So when you formulate compensation packages for millennial employees, keep this in mind.

Be Tech Savvy

You may have been in your thirties when you got your first cell phone. But millennials have been tech savvy since they were toddlers. So, the moment they walk into an office, they will look it over to see what type of technology they are expected to work with. They would expect a synced workplace where laptops, smartphones, and other smart devices facilitate collaboration and teamwork. If your company is still using Windows XP computers and Blackberries, then don’t expect to attract many millennial employees.

Millennials are not insecure, impulsive creatures that slack off. The issue is millennials tend to have their own priorities.

So, heed the above when trying to attract millennial workers.