Choosing The Right Construction Equipment For Every Job (Infographic)

You’ve done it. You’ve taken the next step toward your dream of becoming a professional contractor by securing your first big job. The next step is making sure you have the right tools for the job. As a frugal entrepreneur, you can’t waste your precious resources by renting or buying equipment you don’t need. To make sure you’re on the right page, check out this infographic by BigRentz to learn more about choosing the right equipment for the job.

The first step in choosing construction equipment that will meet your needs is to consider your working environment. Are you working in soft and mushy soil? You’ll probably want to stick to lightweight equipment to prevent getting it stuck. Are you working in a small and confined lot? Most likely, you’ll need to stick to smaller and more compact units so you don’t bump into anything. You’ll also need to think about what you’ll be using the equipment for. For example, you’ll need different tools if you’re going to be digging holes versus moving heavy objects around.

However, before you pick out any equipment, there’s one important thing you need to consider – safety. Most heavy equipment and aerial lift operators require that workers receive training and instruction on how to use equipment safely. This will include learning about safety inspections, parking, refueling, repairing, and more. You’ll also have to make sure you follow all safety regulations set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA; otherwise, you risk facing a hefty fine.

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