4 Reasons Why You Need to Liven Up Your Office Space

Your physical office tells the world a lot more about your company than your website ever will. The office –not just your office, but the entire workspace of your business— tells everyone everything they need to know about how you think of your product or service, your outlook of your staff and employees, and even your view on what is important in life.

We’re not talking about how many pictures of your family are on display on your desk and bookcase, but how the entire office as a whole is set up.

Below are 4 reasons as to why you need to update and redo your office space.

Keep the Tech Up to Date!

The in-office investments that you make tell a lot about what you value for your company. The furniture you have on display, in-office signage and decorations, the quality of the kitchen or breakroom, and even the technology available to use for your employees is revealing of what your company values –the money that is brought in, or the quality of how the money is made.

If your office space is dreary with bland whites, beiges, and grays and also is still running Windows 98 on all of the computers, then it looks like your company may be very much on the “it’s all about the money” side of the scale. Yes, keeping things is simple is not wrong in any way, but to clients and employees, it doesn’t present your company in a light that says that this is a company they want to do business with or rush to work at.

One way to liven things up is to give your company the proper tools that it needs to run efficiently so it is not just run at its cheapest operating level. Upgrading the computers to more recent (if not the most recent) software and hardware is a certainly a step that will go a long way to liven things up, as well as bringing your phone system into the digital age. A phone communications upgrade like hosted VolP does wonders because it automates incoming calls and sends them to exactly where they need to go while saving costs, protecting your business communication in a disaster and safeguarding your data.

Liven Up the Atmosphere!

Speaking of livening things up around the office, sprucing up the place does wonders because your employees will actually want to come into work every day, instead of watch the clock agonizingly click all the way to 5 o’clock.

The interior overhaul of the office interior can honestly be as costly or inexpensive as you want it to be. You could replace all of the Reagan-era furniture with more bright and welcoming pieces throughout the office, or even just repairing the walls in more energizing colors. More than that, take pride in your company with in-office signage that evokes excitement in your staff and employees, giving them a sense of pride to work where they do.

Having your employees love where they work increases productivity and workflow, which makes all of the output that they produce that much better –which leads to better service which in turn leads to more money for the business. It’s an investment that certainly pays off.

Instill an Office Culture.

Sprucing up the office is a great way to get the moral up and running, but it’s more than just a beautiful office space –it’s about the people who make up your company. Your staff, teammates, and employees are the lifeblood of the business, and the effort that they put out is reflective of the effort they see coming from the higher-ups. So how do you get even better output from the members of the company? –By instilling an office culture.

An office culture is not present when everyone’s heads are down and click-clacking away at their keyboards and answering phone calls. An office culture is when the members of the company truly feel like a team. They know more about each other than just their first names and what they do. It’s good that they know each other’s names and all, but having them interact on things more than just about day-to-day operations is crucial to instilling an authentic office culture.

Provide opportunities for the staff to spend time with each other outside of work like an after hours event at a more relaxed venue like that bar down the street, or have a break room that offers more than just a place to sit, but offers games for teammates to bond over. You want your staff to interact, so any way you think can help stimulate that interaction, make it happen. Natural interactions with each other is how you create an office culture that sticks.

Find Excuses to Show Off Your New Beautiful Office!

When your office space is cleaned up and sparkling and genuinely a fun place to be, you have the option of inviting prospective clients in more. When you host your clients or even hold interviews for future employees, you are giving them an inside look into your business’s values. Your prospective clients see that you care more about the people you work with than the bottom line, which is always an ethical plus, and your shining office culture will actually attract the best and brightest minds to your company in the hopes of eventually working for you.

All of that just because you put more attention into your office space. Again, the amount of money you put into the renovations are completely up to you, but even the most inexpensive of alterations can be a big step in the right direction.

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