7 Important Things to Consider when Redesigning Your Office

The world of business has changed dramatically over the past few decades, and companies need to adapt with the times to stay ahead. No longer are offices filled with rows of depressing cubicles with employees required to wear suits and ties; nowadays, business owners are adopting an open-plan approach and making their workplace more casual.

Of course, you need employees to remain focused on their tasks, but an updated office could significantly boost morale and productivity. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and at the forefront of the latest business techniques, you need an office design that shines. Below, we’ll look at some factors you should consider when having your business premises redesigned.

1. The importance of open office plans

Employers previously believed that employees needed privacy to work their hardest. While it’s certainly true that employees need their space, many studies have shown that offices laden with dark cubicles can be bad for our health. Stress levels are higher in those working in dark, noisy and dim offices compared to those working in sunlit, friendly environments.
If you want your employees and your business to perform to their maximum potential, you need a modern office that encourages communication.

2. You still need to create opportunities for privacy

Of course, while it’s been proven beneficial to have open office designs, you still need to create private areas for the likes of meetings, private conversations, and ‘focus mode’ zones. Private rooms should have little to no visual distractions, though allowing natural sunlight in is a significant advantage.

3. Modern offices attract the best talent

Employees can make or break a business, so you need to ensure your office attracts the best talent. Nowadays, prospective candidates will almost certainly Google your company to gauge the working conditions.
Everybody is aware of the impressive offices offered by companies in Silicon Valley and the likes, and though you may be unable to imitate the grandest office designs, you might want to look at them for inspiration.

4. Looking after your employees’ health

We’ve already looked at how dark and dimly lit offices can increase your staff’s stress levels, but poorly positioned monitors, chairs, and even lighting can put a strain on people’s backs, shoulders, necks, and eyes.
Ergonomics isn’t just a posh word that’s thrown around at corporate events; it’s a vital part of ensuring your employees remain fit and healthy at work.
Professional office designers know all about ergonomics and how to create a productive workplace, so you ought to think about how investing in such a service could transform your company.

5. Encourage your employees to socialize

As we’re all aware thanks to all those corporate meetings, teamwork is essential to a successful business. Unfortunately, promoting collaboration at meetings that nobody genuinely wants to attend isn’t enough to get the message across.
Your new office design could encourage social interaction and help people form relationships. For example, you could have a centralized coffee bar in your cafeteria so that employees from different departments mingle.
Promoting teamwork isn’t always about encouraging work conversation – sometimes, it’s more about ensuring everybody knows each other.

6. Make your office greener

There’s a lot of focus on the environment nowadays, and with dwindling resources and climate change, businesses have a responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint.
Talk to your office designers about making your space green, and you might be able to have walls, floors and other office assets made from recyclable or recycled materials.
There are plenty of other ways to make your office greener, and the professionals can offer guidance.

7. Attract new clients

Your potential customers want to see you’re a forward-thinking company that’s ready to adapt as the world of business progresses. In many situations, your office creates the first impression for visitors, so make sure it won’t fail to impress.

Understandably, you’ll constantly be looking for ways to minimize your expenditure to keep your business afloat.
We’ve recently seen that even the largest companies aren’t immune to failure, and almost every industry is becoming increasingly competitive.
However, you don’t have a chance of securing your future without embracing change and boosting staff productivity, which is why now might be the time to give your office a facelift.

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