Three Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing Plans

The landscape of online marketing has changed dramatically over the course of the last decade.

From banner ads, to link farming, to content marketing, to email marketing, the job of getting your name out there has gone from buying banner ads and hoping, to paying for and creating massive content campaigns that require writing and graphics professionals to create.

One CEO who knows about content marketing is Matt Keezer. As the founder of the online travel agency FlightHub, Keezer has overseen the company’s embrace of content marketing.
While it did have its growing pains, Keezer says their new marketing priorities have resulted in gains for the company. He also shared some tips for those considering bolstering their content marketing plans, giving me three key points to help your content marketing plan.

Unique Content

The first key is to write and create unique content. Remember always that Google knows better than you and will find your duplicate content and penalize you, so invest in making sure your content is always unique.
While borrowing is an inevitability once you reach a certain point, make sure you spice up your content with new updates and keep it fresh. While any topic can be done to death, there are always ways to keep things timely.

Platform Specific Content

It is very important to know your audience, but it is just as important to know your platform. Platforms have unique characteristics and rules that make it impossible to make a one-size fits all approach to creating content.
Twitter is famous for its character limit, while other sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are governed by interaction according to Keezer. He found through studying effects of FlightHub’s efforts that social sites, like Facebook and LinkedIn, don’t respond to back linking like other sites do, with the hypothesis being Google takes social interaction into account.
So, long story short, you need to construct content that encourages interaction while writing for these platforms.

Don’t Show The Product, Show The Way

Something that is crucial when it comes to content marketing is that your content needs to be good, compelling content to be great marketing material. In 99% of cases this means you won’t be directly pushing your product.
So what does this mean? This means you may need to count on customers finding their own way. Much like the plot of the film Inception, marketing works best when customers seemingly come up with the idea themselves.
Keezer’s advice? Don’t create a path, lay breadcrumbs and let the customer find their way to you naturally. You don’t come across as spammy, and your potential client feels like they came up with the idea all by themselves.

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