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R302 is an exciting racing game where your phone/tablet acts as a steering wheel of a space-racer. You compete in an outer space race by steering the phone/tablet while the game is played in front of you on a second screen – your PC screen, phone or tablet! Navigate your racer, jump over competing racers and collect energy bolts so as to boost your speed and score.

Playing is easy and fun.
* Download the R302 app
* Open on your PC (it might work on your smart TV/ streamer if they are strong enough) OR play on Facebook at
* Scan the QR code on the right in order to connect your app to the screen
* Start playing!

Wheel control:
* Control the racer via your phone while playing on the bigger screen.
* Steer your racer by tilting your phone right or left, just as a real steering wheel.
* Collect lightning bolts to speed up your racer