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GroupMail Touch

This next generation group email management and marketing solution for the Windows Store takes the time and effort out of sending email newsletters, announcing new services or running an email marketing campaign – all without limitations.

GroupMail puts you in full control of your email communication. It’s ideal for customer support, mailshots or for simply staying in touch with family and friends.

Compose and send plain text format emails with unlimited attachments, manage an unlimited number of groups and recipients and send an unlimited number of emails.

We’ve built in a number of powerful features to ensure that your messages are delivered efficiently. You can set up multiple SMTP Accounts or delivery channels for parallel delivery, with each channel capable of being individually throttled to ensure compliance with throughput limits imposed by your email providers.

You can send more than one message at a time and we’ve provided comprehensive queue management facilities that allow you to cancel, pause, and resume individual email campaigns!

In addition to the high level queue management facilities, to help you manage your message campaigns at the recipient level you can view an In-Progress master list of all recipients across all campaigns, or you can filter the recipient list to view the delivery progress for any selected campaign.

GroupMail Touch provides detailed delivery reporting via delivery log files created for each email campaign and these can be easily viewed from within the application.

You have the assurance of having your data stored securely on your own machine, unlike web-based email services where responsibility and security is divested to a third party.

With its powerful send engine, advanced queue management and SMTP Account throttling, GroupMail Touch makes sending personalized messages to multiple groups a breeze!