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Free Unit Converter

The Free Unit Converter is a light weight tool that allows users to convert between several units in different categories. It is ideal for students, teachers, professors and all those who have an interest in subject. There are a number of features which make this app better than the rest. Once it is downloaded onto a laptop or desktop that runs on Windows OS, it can be used immediately. All the functions are available in the main menu itself and users will find it very simple. The categories available include weight, mass, pressure, length, distance, speed, etc. Users can select the unit which needs to be converted, input the numerical value, select the unit into which it needs to be displayed and press ‘convert’. The result is displayed instantaneously and with decimals. There are no errors in it and the Free Unit Converter is always accurate. Should users wish for any additional information about specific conversions, the same is also made available in the interface. This app comes in a small sized file, as mentioned earlier. Therefore, it requires very less disk space. The fact that there is no malware that can affect the security of the device is yet another advantage. The response time is also impressive, though it works with low to moderate amount of system resources. The most significant feature is the number of categories and units that are available to be converted in the Free Unit Converter. Solving problems can become much easier with this app and anyone with basic computer knowledge can comprehend its operation in the first instance. It does not require any additional specifications and is a standalone app. Though it is quite basic and does not have any printing options, it is indeed a very handy tool for a number of users.