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Nowadays cloud storages have become an integral part of our modern lives. Dropbox, as the most popular cloud service available today, was decided to be the first platform to start with. Cloud Labs initial goal was to add a proven security level to Dropbox without affecting its simplicity and efficiency. Thus, Cloudifile was born – a smart tool that combines extra proven security layer and transparent cloud synchronization solution. In spite of it, Cloudifile beta is totally free of charge.
This idea of extra security level was implemented in Cloudifile. It uses best-industry-standard encryption algorithms (AES256 encryption in combination with RSA asymmetric encryption and Blowfish algorithm) to keep user files safe. As the solution doesn’t store Cloudifile login/password anywhere, even if somebody cracks Dropbox security – they will find nothing but securely encrypted files in user account. Users also don’t depend on Cloud Labs infrastructure, as the system doesn’t store any encryption keys on external servers. All these facts make Cloudifile to become an extra protected Dropbox layer that currently has no analogues on the market.
Another one Cloudifile benefit is its simplicity. It easily integrates into the file explorer, so user can just pick the data to protect – and selected files will be securely encrypted and automatically sent to cloud. Thus, there is no need to waste time on manual data moving to Dropbox folder. Combination of virtual file and virtual disc technologies allows user to work with protected files at its usual locations just as before. All these features give users a sense of caring about them and make their life easier.
Cloudifile is also an ideal security tool for newer Dropbox users. They can easily start from scratch by automating protection process. User can just set up rules for the new or existent folders and documents, according to which newly created or copied files will be automatically encrypted and synchronized with cloud.