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Aerize Explorer For Windows Phone 8.1

**BEAUTIFUL, FANTASTIC, PERFECT** Won Microsoft //Publish/ prize for Best Windows Phone 8.1 App!

The award-winning Aerize Explorer enables premium file management features including pass code lock, custom backgrounds, configurable sizes, layouts, icon themes, and much more. Hurry up and get the file manager that forced Microsoft to release a Windows Phone file manager. Glowing reviews are in agreement, get the best file manager for Windows Phone now! Basic features free, supported by ads. Premium features available with purchase. Alternately, install Aerize Explorer Pro the fully unlocked, ad free paid edition.

WINBETA – ‘Simple, Beautiful and Functional’
WINDOWS PHONE DAILY – ‘Went from good to fantastic’
WPCYTE – ‘The perfect file manager for Windows Phone’
WPXBOX – ‘Must have app on Windows Phone 8.1′
WPEXTRA – ‘Best File Manager for Windows Phone 8.1′
WMPOWERUSER – ‘A file Manager that actually delivers’
THEPOCKETTECH – ‘Powerful File Manager’
WINADICTOS – ‘Amazing file manager’

With an advanced file browser interface, Aerize Explorer can quickly manage your files, folders, and storage cards with ease. Aerize Explorer employs an intuitive Cut, Copy and Paste interface; this simplicity ensures Aerize Explorer is a powerful file manager. When you want to move a file or folder, simply Cut. Navigate to the destination and Paste. Simple. Easy. Powerful.

# EASY # Manage files with Cut, Copy and Paste
# SHARING # Share via NFC, Bluetooth, Email, more
# POWERFUL # Access files on device and storage card
# PIN TILES # Pin files & folders to the start screen
# ZIP FILES # Compress or decompress Zip, RAR, and 7Zip
# THUMBNAILS # Actual image and video files displayed
# MANY VIEWS # Compact, normal, and large file views
# SELECT MODE # Organize multiple files from folders