The eBay Millionaire Whiz Kids

The globalization of the internet brought along with it a tidal wave of business possibilities, creating innumerable opportunities for savvy entrepreneurial types to benefit from.

The doors of international trade were blown off their hinges, and suddenly, for practically no expense, the layman could buy cheap mobile phones from Hong Kong and sell them on for a mark up to clients from all over the globe.

The internet radicalized capitalism in a completely unprecedented manner, proving itself to be an invention as radical as the plough or the wheel. It introduced an almost Marxist-like platform to an unsuspecting public for entrepreneurs to build their fortune on. Then sometime in the mid-‘90s the Mecca of the free market came along – eBay.

What eBay allowed aspiring entrepreneurs to do was buy specific things like gas struts for cars, which, for the uninitiated out there, look like this, then sell them on to a buyer from another corner of the world, all from the comfort of their own homes. With other auction sites gathering momentum, the ecommerce community stands by with bated breath to see if eBay can be toppled form its no. 1 spot in the online auction industry.

Here’s a few of our favorite eBay self-made entrepreneurs.

Mark Radcliffe

In the late ‘90s, operating from his parent’s garden shed in England, Mark Radcliffe begun a journey that would see him become the first ever eBay millionaire.
He began selling mobile phone accessories and protein supplements, now his parent’s garden shed he first utilized has given way to a massive warehouse. Radcliffe now drives a Ferrari during the week and an Aston Martin at the weekend, both of which can be spotted outside his £700,000 home – when he’s not on his yacht, that is.
He was the first person to prove that with an internet connection, a little start-up money, and some industry know-how, anyone could become a millionaire.

David Wirtenberg

New Yorker David has generated around $10,000,000 in sales since creating his outrageoussauctions username on Ebay in 1999. He made his fortune from selling engagement and wedding rings as well as other jewelry. Usually he starts his diamond actions at 99c and often loses money, but says in the long run he always makes it back—his bank balance is testament to that.

Eran Dekel

Also hailing from the Big Apple, Eran has a few million to his name, primarily though the resale of luxury designer menswear, which he sells anywhere between 40-80% below market value. Interestingly, he once said in an interview that the problem-solving and analytical skills he learned during his engineering major in college have assisted him in becoming the tycoon he is today.

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