Private: cr-smdapp


ShutMeDown is a simple, compact and easy-to-use application that
allows you to set your computer to automatically shut down, restart,
suspend and hibernate. It also lets you lock workstations or
log off current user.

An intuitive and aesthetic user interface makes using the application
very convenient and easy. Graphical countdown timers and notifications
before task execution show the current task status. The application
runs in the background, and is mostly seen only as a small icon in the
system tray.

There are many ways to configure ShutMeDown and set tasks the way you
want. You can set a timer to run after a set time or at a particular
hour. It is also possible to set limits for an entire day/week after
which the task will be continuously executed to the end of the set
period of time or when the user unlocks it manually.
Users can also set a schedule for every day of the week and can create
a set of time ranges where ShutMeDown will be continuously executing
tasks or set time limits for particular days.
Tasks and schedule can be secured with a password to prevent users
from cancelling tasks and to protect other user profiles from
logging in.