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Multiplayer Beer Pong

Looking for a sporting event but do not wish to get all sweaty? Invite friends to join the tournament of Beer Pong, make amazing shots to taste the splashing and chilling beer! In this game for 2 or 4 players, your goal is to throw the ball into the cups on the opposite side so as to remove them before your opponents do so. If there are 4 players, you and another player will become teammates. When the game starts, each team will be assigned a rack of beer cups on either side of the table. During your turn, move your mouse and click to set the horizontal throwing angle, the vertical throwing angle and the throwing force. If you can ‘make’ a cup, i.e. throw the ball into a cup, that cup will be removed. After your shot, the turn will be passed to the next player. Then the game continues until a team has successfully removed all cups on the opposite side and wins the game.

The following are some special states in the game:
•Rollback: if you can remove a cup during your turn, a ‘rollback’ occurs and you will be awarded an extra shot.
•Redemption: when a team has made the last cup, the game will enter the ‘redemption’ state. The losing team will then have the chance to make all of their remaining cups or they will lose. The following are two different scenarios during redemption:
 If there are 2 or more cups remaining for the losing team, they can shoot until a miss occurs. If a miss occurs before they can make all the cups, the game is over.
 If there is only 1 cup remaining for the losing team, they can take shots according to the number of shots of the winning team in the previous turn. For example, if the winning team made the last cup on their first shot during their turn, the losing team will have only 1 redemption shot; if the winning team took 2 shots to make the last cup, the losing team will have 2 redemption shots.
•Overtime: if the losing team can make their redemption shots and remove all of their remaining cups, the game will enter the ‘overtime’