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Free 3GP To AVI Converter

The Free 3GP To Avi Converter comes in as a blessing to users who want to enjoy video and audio files across different platforms and across different devices. The 3gp extension was made essentially to play media files, both audio and video on mobile phones. It works great on mobile platforms, but when it comes to playing medial files across different platforms, the Free 3GP To Avi Converter converts these files to the avi file format, which is more widely supported across several different platforms. The Free 3GP To Avi Converter is very easy to use. First timers and beginners can also use it with ease. All that users need to do is to select the media files which needs to be converted, and specify the destination path or folder. Once the user has determined which files they want to convert, they need to select the files and the files are uploaded to the converter. Users have the option to select which files they want to be converted immediately and leave the other files in a queue. The Free 3GP To Avi Converter displays the resolution of the video on the screen, which gives the user the option to change the resolution depending on the file size and memory space available. The video/audio file is played during the conversion process, which is an interesting feature of the Free 3GP To Avi Converter. The Free 3GP To Avi Converter supports the processing of multiple files at the same time. Users need not wait for the conversion of one file to be complete before uploading another. All the files can be selected at once and selected on the software interface. The Free 3GP To Avi Converter converts all the files to avi. The progress of the conversion is also shown in real time.